Travis and Becky Fletcher: December 2007

Sunday, December 09, 2007

House Update

We got internet back!!! I know you are all anxiously awaiting pictures of the inside of our house(yah right).... But here's a small taste for the few of you who do:

So this is the view from the landing looking at the front door, with the siiting room to the left. There are 2 different white balances so the walls look like they are different colours, but that are all the green colour in reality. We are going to paint pretty much every wall in the house come January, after all the festivities. I'd like a colour similar to what the walls look like in this pictures, a nice neutral taupe. We now have our tree set up in the front window in this room. I need to take more recent pictures.

This is looking from beside the front door towards the back of the house.
And this is taken from the living room looking at Chloe, and the kitchen/dining room. These boxes are now all gone! This was taken only 2 days after moving in. We now only have boxes in the basement.
Living room, all unpacked. Much better. I can breathe now.

Main floor half bath.
Guest room. Like the purple? Its very bright in real life.... I can't wait to neutralize. although I do have a purple duvet cover to go into here.... but it would be oerwhelming with the walls AND curtains AND bed. We also need to buy a double bed in here, although so far the air mattress works well.
2nd bedroom. Its a nice navy, but much too dark and depressing for my liking. Our Bedside tables are in here because there is not quite enough room in our room. We also need to get a bed in here. A crib, perhaps?? Just KIDDING!!
2nd Floor Main bath. This red makes me feel angry. It will be spa-like after a nice blue paint job.
OUR bedroom! The red curtains have been replaced with a blue to match the duvet cover.... Love them! And our ensuite is through that door.
The basement! The stairs are to the left, and behind the stairs is Travis' office, which we will drywall and paint in January as well.. pictures to follow. Travis has big plans for the basement, he says it is his favorite part of the house. He wants a theater room. We need money!

I know I talked a lot about the changes we want to make, but we feel SO BLESSED every day to be in this house, and are just loving homeownership, and being able to make these plans for future changes. God is so Good.