Travis and Becky Fletcher: January 2006

Monday, January 30, 2006

hey la, hey la, my boyfriend (was) back!!!

Our Honeymoon is finally booked!! I know I shouldn't have been worried about it, because it was Travis' responsibility, but I gotta tell you, I was getting very nervous that it wouldn't get done in time.. I mean said it was supposed to be done like 3 months ago!!! This is what I know:
  1. Travis and his parents think it is the most romantic thing you could ever do!
  2. It is in a warm climate (or I said I wouldn't go)
  3. We are gone for 13 days
  4. We are leaving about 2 or 3 days after the wedding, staying in Calgary before that. (Can you believe we will be staying in the same room??? And it's ALLOWED???? Wierd.)

That's all I know. I think Travis is going to tell me what and where the day before the wedding or something like that. I'm really excited, but I want to know what it is!!!

Travis and I had a very busy weekend. On Friday we were in Calgary, and I went on some tours of offices for school (Travis came on the second one and enjoyed it! He said he liked "being a designer"). Then we went to Ikea in the afternoon (and didnt get anything), and drove home. Mark and Guen were married on Saturday (pictures to come soon), and between the ceremony and reception we got Travis fitted for his tix (finally). Sunday we went to church and out for lunch with his family, and then went back to Calgary to send Travis off again. The weekends are just too short!! We are just busy busy busy, and don't even get to do all the things we plan on doing. Next time Travis comes down we need to register, and Travis needs to renew his passport. This is stressing me out, because doesn't it take forever sometimes?? Can anyone tell me how long it took to get yours?

Christy came down this weekend!! I didn't get to spend too much time with her yet, because we were so busy, but it's so nice having her and her little angels over. I love being in the same room with her again like when we were little, and staying up late talking about boys, friends, careers, relationships, and anything under the sun. even sex. I love you, sis! And I can't even believe how cute Ben and Megan are. I just saw them a few weeks ago, but they are even cuter now. Last night when I got home they both came running screaming "BECKY BECKY BECKY!!" and jumped into my arms! Ben even tripped on the way 'cause he was running so fast. And when I picked up Megan she said "Tabis? Tabis? Tabis?" Wondering where Travis was. It's so cute how they have assumed we come together. They love their uncle Tabis. I hope someday we can live close to some of our neices and nephews.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Go ahead and mock me.

So Tiff tried on the mock-dress today, and it was amazing!!! Our dressmaker made a practice bridesmaid's dress out of bedsheets, and it was gorgeous. Exactly what I had pictured in my head. Speaking of pictures, we didn't take any. But we will when Christy's is done NEXT WEEK!! I'm soooo excited! So, I am very glad we went with a dressmaker and were able to design our own dresses. By our I mean MY dresses!! You girls better wear them again!

Monday, January 23, 2006

T-minus 4 days, 87 days, 101 days, and 137 days.

I live on countdowns. I have one on my blog, two on my desktop, and all of them in my head. It is 4 days until I can next see Travis, 87 days until the end of classes, 101 days until Travis comes home for good, and 137 days until we get married!! It is the only way I can make it through this year. I keep looking forward to the next thing, and keep my mind off of the miserable reality that is today, and keep focused on the goal. The weeks go by, and life feels like it only really exists when I am with my Trav. I know I should be enjoying my last year not being married, but I have been looking forward to this my whole life! Travis really "completes me", to quote Tom Cruise. Soon, I will be in my element.

New blogger alert

My good friend, Jenna has started a blog of her own. It's not a "blogger" blog, but a "genebase" blog. So of course its not as good as these babies, but it's worth checking out. Jenna was in my program at the college last year and we really had a lot in common. She is not in school this year because she is Pregnant! I'm so happy for her and her hubby, Terry. So check out her blog to see pics of her cute belly, and soon, her baby!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Well, I changed my setting so all you non-bloggers who are snooping on my blog can leave me comments. (Emily) So please do so! I love getting comments! And I would also love to see who else has been reading my blog! Show yourselves, you snoops!

Thursday, January 19, 2006


So far, for the wedding, we have:
Ceremony at E-free church at 1:00 with Pastor Ian Lawson officiating,
Reception at the Lethbridge Lodge at 6:00, dinner served at 6:30,
Dance at 9:00, DJ services provided by Pyramid entertainment (contract signed today),
Photojournalistic style photography by Uncle Arie Bomhof and Dustin Heigh throughout the day, and Posed Photography by Karen Smith from Shutterbug photography in between the ceremony and reception.
Bridesmaids dresses are strapless and knee length and green.
Flowers have changed. I dont know the names of the flowers, but they are white, and some green. A few different kinds of flowers in hand tied bouquets.
My dress is absolutely gorgrous!!! I wish I could show you all a picture of it!! All I can say is that it is strapless, diamond white, and a Maggie Sottero gown. But don't bother looking on the site because it was discontinued right after I ordered it! phew!
Our invitations are not ordered yet, but they will be postcard style, with our picture on it.
Wedding Parties:
Maid of honour: Tiffany Schooten, best friend(I almost wrote Stromsmoe, her maiden name)
Bridesmaids: Christy Heigh and Amanda Vriend, sisters
Ring Bears: Benjamin Heigh and Joshua Vriend, nephews
Best Man: Justin Duban, best friend
Groomsmen: Eric Konynenbelt, friend, and Derek Fletcher, brother
Groomsgirl: Tanya Fletcher, sister.

That's all you get. There is so much more left to do!! Wish me luck!! (I'm gonna need it)

School is not supposed to be busy already

I'm a little worried. Isn't school supposed to start slow and then get busy?? This doesn't seem to be the case. It seems the semester is going to start busy and work it's way to insane. I guess that comes with the territory, with this being my last semester ever!!! The end is in sight!! only 91 more days until that victorious day when classes are over. It's wierd that I will never see most of the girls in my class ever again! I've just gotten used to the fact that I don't see people from high school anymore (although with a lot of those people it was a relief! and for those of you from high school who read my blog, don't worry I'm not talking about you:))

Anyways, I just wanted to apologize to you avid readers who check my blog everyday to see... nothing new. Because I'm sure there are many of you who check every day to see what is new in the exciting life of Becky Fletcher (to be)!!! Or maybe I'm just being a little conceited, thinking that. I'm rambling!!! Starting to saound like Danica!! Just kidding Danica I love reading your blog!! The longer the better, I say!! I mean, isn't the purpose of reading people's blogs to waste time??

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I did it too

So I tried out the celebrity face matching thing... It is hilarious!!
I look like:
Sophia Loren, Liv Tyler, Alicia Keys........ And ........ TOM CRUISE!!! What the heck???

Travis looks like:
Michael Crichton, Hugh Grant, Mick Jagger..... And ... KATIE HOLMES!!! Hahahah!

We do make a lovely couple, don't we? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes..... WOW. What are the odds? And that we both got the opposite sex??? Now that is wierd. I hope their kid turns out to be cute, then there is plenty of hope for us!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


No, I don't have a stepmom.. But I just watched it on TV, and I cried! Now this may not sound like that spectacular of an ordeal, but I have seen the movie about 7 times, and I cry EVERY TIME. It is so sad!! Once I was just channel surfing and I landed on this movie at the very end of it, as they are opening their presents, and just like that I started crying. I wasn't even into the movie!! It's just so touching. Anyone else get that from this or other movies? I also do it with I am Sam and ... I can't remember the title!! What is that movie called where it's this little boy who is a midget, and has no dad, and then there is a bus crash into a lake and he saves everyone??? Man I can't remember the title.. Does it start with an S? Anyway, I always cry in that movie too. Sorry this post is so random. I'm trying to multitask too much.

In other news, there's a wedding fair in Lethbridge tomorrow!!! I'm so excited.. oooeee.. and I just can't hide it! There is so much I still need to do and get! Tell me if you want an update on all thats done like Steph did. I don't want to bore you all. Many of you already know the stuff. Ok I'm out of random things to talk about.. I think this post was one big brain fart (or fluff, as Travis calls them!)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

My sleepy-bear

Given 5 minutes to sit around with no computer in sight, Travis will always take the opportunity to nap. He sleeps sitting up within about 30 seconds. His weekends with me are usually filled with naps and long sleeps, I think his body knows that the weekends are his only opportunity to sleep. When he is home he spends all availiable time playing computer. In the second picture, I am pretending to sleep too.

More christmas

Darren's Oilers Jersey from Dan
Travis' DVD burner from Dan. Anything to do with computers.
Christy and I bought each other brown shrugs. So alike.
The bum shot.. framed by Darren.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Funny Video

So really only the first bit of this video is funny, but I kept taping because dropshots lets you put videos up of up to 2 minutes in length. I figure I better get the most out of the 10 free videos.

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Belated Christmas

It was total Chaos when the kids were opening their gifts.

I love this one because we all look shocked.

Family Pictures

Mom & Dad and the kids
Dan, Amanda, Joshua and Cadence
Dustin, Christy, Megan and Benjamin
Darren and the kids
Travis and I and the kids.

Hot Tubbing

I think Hot Tubbing was the highlight of the trip fot the kids. There were a lot of tears when it was time to leave the "Warm Tub". It certainly helped to alleiviate some of the soreness from days on the slopes.

Monday, January 09, 2006

I'll be the first to admit

That Golden was AMAZING!!! The weather was awesome and the hill was nice at the top, but not as nice at the bottom. Lots of rocks and stuff yet, but all in all, a really good trip. I am pretty sore though!!! I went snowboarding the first day, and spent most of it pushing myself back up. Needless to say I went snow blading the second day. I had skiied before, but never snow bladed. They are wicked!!! Hardly any effort and just a whole lot of fun. I could keep up with everyone and Travis didn't need to spend all day teaching me. Blades it is for now. I am so glad our chalet had a hot tub. Boy did that come in handy!! My neices and nephews LOVED the "warm tub" as well. They did not like getting out, though!! Pictures to follow soon.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Ok so I managed to get a wedding ticker, as you can see half of it above. This is very annoying, because I tried putting it in a million places in the template, but this was the only time it showed up and didn't completely screw everything else up. So for now, you can just barely see the countdown. It shall be fixed sometime in the future. But probably not until after this weekend!! Golden here we come!!!

Last post of the day, I promise! Off to packing!

Oh and my cousin Kayla started a blog!! Check it out in the links. She is pretty crazy.

So Jealous.

I know I really shouldn't be jealous. I do really like the engagement pictures Travis and I had taken. But these are SOO AMAZING! This is Trav's cousin Chantelle, and her fiance Dean. I am just so amazed at the pictures they had taken. They are just so artsy!! And cool!! And isn't she just gorgeous?? Her twin Candace is just as pretty. (OBVIOUSLY). These are just a few of the amazing shots they had taken.

Adventures of a Narcissist

Blog overboard?? Maybe. I just haven't blogged in so long and now I have all these pictures that have built up that I wanted to show you guys! And now I finally have some spare time so.. here you go!! I was playing around with light and shadows when I took these.

And do you know what I think is one of the best feelings in the world?? Putting on a new pair of socks. It's like a hug for your feet.

I'm one of those people...

Who buys sweaters and outfits for their puppies.

But isn't she just so cute???? Tiff and I went shopping today, and when she bought a sweater for her little chihuahua, Tate, I decided it was time Nikita gave it a try. I think it was well worth the $11.95.


So I was looking through pictures on mom's computer and came across these. They are from about 2 years ago. Travis and I have been dating A LONG TIME... 3 and a half years now. Sometimes it feels wierd to think that he wasn't there for my childhood memories, because it feels like I've known him my whole life. Which is a good thing. Hope you enjoy these "oldies", even though they are not THAT old.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tobes and Kita

For those of you who don't want to hear me rant about the four-legged creatures that I adore, go ahead and skip this post. My brothers and sister always used to call me ELVIRA. Remember her from the Bugs Bunny and Tweety show? She was the one who would "love them and squeeze them and hug them"... Something like that. That's me. I used to want to be a veteranarian, or a vet's assistant, but I didn't want to go to school for that long... haha. My cousin Robyn and I had a whole plan to have acreages beside each other with 3 horses, 4 dogs, 2 kitties, some bunnies, and have a PETTING ZOO, like the Radvanskies'. I'm so glad my hubby-to-be likes animals too. I'm not going to be a vet, but I do want to be a part time breeder, maybe once we have kids. And as you can read in the post below, Travis and I already have a bit of a collection of animals. Oh! And trav wants a pet monkey! wouldn't that be fun? or crazy? haha.

Ok. Back to the point of this post. I was kinda worried about Nikita and Toby getting along. Nikita is kind of anti-social, and Toby is kind of a scaredy-cat.. literally. And so far he has led a bit of a sheltered life in Trav's little apartment. But they got along! They had their moments, but I think they grew to like each other. By the end of the week Nikita let Toby paw at her and almost play fight with her, as long as I was supervising. I love the last picture, it looks like they are kinda hugging! Even though I am forcing them. My babies got along!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

I'm getting married THIS YEAR!

And I have a feeling our house is going to be overwhelmed with pets. We both love pets. Travis has a total of about 5 fish tanks now (2 operational at his house, a beta at work, and 2 in storage), I have Nikita (although I may give her to mommy come June), and Travis has Toby. We have dreams of bigger and better pets. Travis wants to one day have a room that has one HUGE fish tank wall, salt water, filled with what I would assume are very expensive fishies. He also wants to have a full-out theatre room with sound proofed walls, projection screen tv, etc. etc. What can I say, he dreams big, that hunk!

Doesn't he look smokin' in that jacket? I love it on him! I had bought him another similiar one at American Eagle, but it didn't fit. So I exchanged it for him this past week in Calgary, and they had gone on sale so I got him 2!! I payed a little extra, but it was still a good deal! I'd say I did pretty good on the christmas gift this year, since Toby was also an early gift we got each other. I think he deserves another post in itself, to come soon.

Anyways, It was SOOOOO NICE to have Travis around for more than just one stinkin weekend! Which Is why I haven't blogged lately. If you read the last two posts, you'll know that it has been an emotional Christmas over here, but it has also been a good one overall. Trav's family was nice enough to include me in their Christmas celebrations for the whole holiday, since my parents were in Fox Creek with Dan and Amanda. There were a lot of firsts. My first stocking (I borrowed Arnie's (their wiener dog's), my first gifts from santa. I know these may sound like wierd firsts, but our family has different traditions. We didn't ever believe in Santa, and we didn't have stockings. I did get a little teary-eyed when I thought about reading the bible around the tree with my family, eating cookies and other treats before opening gifts. I missed that a lot, but it is coming in just a few days!! Golden, here we come!!