Travis and Becky Fletcher: November 2005

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The results are in

I didn't get the job. Sorry to get all your hopes up, mine included.

Why I love Picasa:

When Trav and I got engaged, we took some pictures of all he had set up for me, and the ring, etc, etc. With the flash they looked pretty dumb, so we took some without the flash, and they turned out too dark. Anyway, with just a few clicks, the pictures changed dramatically!!
from this:


You can download picasa from google. It is amazing. It fixes the dumb pictures these cameras take. (you know the bad indoor and church pictures, Chris? It fixes that.) I'm a believer!!

P.S. I find out about the job sometime today, I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pray for me..

I have an interview at 3:00 today, and I am nervous. It is for Avonlea Homes here in Letbridge, and it would be a dream for me to work in the design industry! I want this job so bad, no more selling clothes to cranky old ladies!! Please!!! So please send a prayer out for me today, that I do well in the interview and that they are impressed with me and hire me. And pray that the other applicants do poorly. (just kidding!) Thats it for now.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

2 more weeks

2 weeks of utter torture and frantic presantation making, studying, rendering, AutoCADing, researching, critiqueing, testing, more CADding, case studying, more testing, and more and more CADDING!! Did I mention a lot of autoCAD?? That is what my 2 weeks (and 2 days) looks like. After those 2 weeks, what looks like complete and utter FREEDOM!! but really isn't.

During the Holidays, I want to wedding plan it up!! I know next semester is going to be even crazier than this one, with the 3d studio VIZ class, 2 more studio classes (in which I will be designing a retail store AND an office, unlike this semester in which I designed one thing and that ate up most of my time), a stupid accounting class and... a business class. Why the heck do we have to take business and accounting? Personally, I am going to make loads of money and will hire my own accountants and business people, and still make an 8 figure income (yah right, miss stay at home mom in 3 years...or so) But still.. those classes are a waste of our time. Oh. I kinda got off topic. As usual.

OK. So as I was saying, I want to get lots of planning done seeing as next semester is going to be crazy busy, and then I only have a month in which to do last minute plans before the big day! So I need to look at invitations, confer with Travis, complete guest list, make sure Travis has completed his, confer with Travis on design of invitations, order invitations. Book appointment with florist, go to florist, confer with Travis on flowers, order flowers. Drive to calgary, peruse fabric store, talk to fabric ladies, buy fabric for bridesmaids dresses, drive back to lethbridge, make appointment with dressmaker, finalize design, get all bridesmaids measurements, get them to seamstress. what else? oh yah... Start looking for rentals, arches, columns, etc, confer with Travis, order rentals. Start figuring out addresses for 200 guests!!! Is this hard to do?? How long did this take you married ladies??

Planning aside, I want to do a whole lot else this "holiday". I want to visit Trav for at least a week, so that involved 20+ hours of driving, and then there's all the Christmas festivities, which I have to decide which family I am spending it with, and try not to insult the other side, and also spend as much time with Travis as possible while he's here.

And theeeeennn... Ski holiday!! YAY! This should be really fun, and I want to try and relax as much as I can while there. Even though I will be skipping the first day of school! Oh and speaking of which I need to buy all my supplies for somewhere during the "break". Ok. Enough venting. Thats my holiday.

P.S. Do you like my template?? It's finally done for now. Ignore the previous 2 posts. I suppose I could delete them.. but they are now a part of history. hah.

Becky OUT

Friday, November 25, 2005

Ok so I'm getting there...

I got my Savvy Travvy to help me!! It's starting to get to where I want it to be, and Travis is helping me!! So Christy, I changed my mind, don't help me. Thanks for the offer, though.


OK so I finally got around to trying to change my template. Bad move. I don't like it. I mean it's a nice design and all, but it's bugging me. I asked Christy to try and get one for me, and Chris, go ahead, I obviously can't do it on my own. I mean is it so hard to put a nice picture on it?? and still have it simple?? Does anyone know how to put your own picture and background colour and stuff on it?? I am just too picky I think. I looked at a few hundred tonight, and I didnt like any of them. aagghh. I would love this picture along the left side of mine, so if you know how, please tell me!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What were you doing at 5:30 am today???

I was still awake at 5:30 am this morning.... and for some reason not tired yet after working solid on my restaurant since 2 that afternoon... Not to mention the countless hours before yesterday. I was just at the college for an hour trying to get a good plot of my restaurant, and was on my 4th wind or so, and when I was done everything and could actually go to sleep, I couldn't!! Mom has been commenting on my bloodshot eyes the last few days, and that is attributed to doing perspectives, plans, and countless elevations in AutoCAD for ... many hours. She gave me some eyedrops but for the first little while it just made my vision blurry, but it didnt matter since I was seeing double anyway. YAY SCHOOL! I sure do hope I enjoy this more when it is actually my job, because right now, I would really enjoy stepping on my laptop. If only it didn't cost so much. Now I'm not trying to have myself a pity-party, because I do like the way my restaurant turned out. Maybe I will take some pictures of it and post it.. The whole thing is due December 9, so expect pictures after that. We still have to render it and put it into a booklet. OK. So if this post doesn't make any sense at all it's because I am running on very little sleep. I don't even feel like reading through this and seeing what makes sense and what doesn't. Probably none of it does. So sorry guys! I will blog more when I am more awake. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, November 18, 2005


Sometimes, when I'm doing the rounds of checking and re-checking everyone's blogs I think to myself "Why can't these people blog more?? SLACKERS!!" But then, I try to remember the last time I myself have blogged. Why is it that we expect everyone else to blog daily when we don't do it ourselves? My lack of blogging is due to a lack of things to write about. My days consist of checking blogs, school, homework, and... talking to Travis. Other than that, nothing really goes on! Nothing too interesting, anyway.

Today I had class from 10 - 1, then I came home to tend to my poor mommy who had her gall bladder removed yesterday. We watched "Fever Pitch" with Drew Barrymore and I did negative homework. I still haven't. I am very good at convincing myself out of things.. In the morning when my alarm goes off I constantly tell myself that I can get ready a little quicker, and allow myself those 9 more minutes of precious, precious sleep. I do this many times each morning, so I end up just setting my alarm half an hour early just so I can do this to myself. As a result of doing that over a few years, I don't even hear my alarm anymore for the first few times! I shut it off automatically in my sleep! So now I have to set my clock alarm half an hour early, and also set my cell-phone alarm for when I actually have to wake up. Most of the time I don't even realise that my alarm has been going off for half an hour already, and don't trust it to go off the one more time I allow myself. So I lay there for the extra 5 minutes or so worrying that my clock alarm won't go off one more time, and that I will fall back into a deep sleep and mis my class, because I don't even know if it has gone off already. (if any of that made sense to any of you, it's a miracle... I think I MIGHT be rambling.)

I am a die-hard procrastinator, and can easily convince myself that I "deserve" to take a few hours, or a night, off of homework. I do too much of it, anyway. (Prime example: today)

That is my nonsense post for the day. Hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you made sense of it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Competition: On

As you all know, I have a beloved bijon-frise/shih-tzu 6 year old puppy. She can be snobby, especially to kids and other animals, and does not come when called. She knows lots of cool tricks, however. She plays dead when you "shoot" her, she can dance, sit, sit pretty (on hind legs), walk (on hind legs), and even jump through hoops! She gets soo excited when you come home, especially from long trips, and she mopes around when I'm not home. She doesn't cuddle all that much, but she keeps your feet warm when you sleep. She begs at the table if she is not confined in her "chair" (the small foamy fuzzy kind you give your kids), but she knows "amen" and knows it means she can come and get some scraps. She really loves to be pet, and she warms my heart up.

As you now know as well, Travis and I have a new addition to our family. Toby is the cuddliest kitty ever. He shows so much affection, and is becoming more and more comfortable with us as time goes by. He purrs non-stop. He does tend to hide under the bed and get a little skiddish, but he is getting better and he does not scratch you or get scared if you nicely take him out from under the bed. He gets the most hyper right before bed, playing with his ball and mouse on a string. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing yet. It's good for Trav right now, because that is his most awake time as well, but when we get married it might keep us awake when we are trying to sleep.

Now the question is... What do we do when these two combine?? Do we keep both? I love them both to pieces and this is the best case scenario, but I know the two will not get along. Do you think they will get used to each other? Or do you think it will be a living hell in our household (or apartment or townhouse, or whatever we can find that allows pets)? I'm sure mom wouldn't mind keeping Nikita, as the house will be empty when I leave, but... I want her if I can! So, what is your opinion? We will try and introduce the two a few times before we get together, but I don't think Nikita will change. I think it will depend on Toby's personality, and how he reacts to other animals. If he is calm, and not in her face, if they give each other their own space, I think it might work.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Toby Fletcher

This is our baby, Toby Fletcher. As mentioned in the previous post, he is a long haired, adorable orange and white Tabby. Travis is pumped because he matches his "pet cat" he has in his game, World of Warcraft. .. Just kidding though. He is super cuddly, all he wants to do is sit with you and purr.. constantly!! He is a lean, mean, purring machine. I don't think he has stopped since we picked him up at the pet store, which is why we picked him up. We have been wanting a kitty for Travis for a while now, as he is very lonely up here in Fort McSucky, as Christy so aptly descibred it. He is pretty leery of his new surroundings, and when we put him down he quickly hides under the bed or in the closet. But we set him up a space in the bathroom with everything he needs, and he is slowly getting a comfort zone in there. He plays with his mouse and ball toys, and he just took his first pee (in the litterbox, yay!), and is eating on his own right now. Baby steps, people! When we went to the pet store on thursday, he wasn't there, only 2 of his extremely skiddish, but cute brothers were there. He was sick and getting personal care from someone, so as a result, he is a lot more used to people, being handled, cuddlier and actually loves to be brushed. So far he has been quiet, and we are hoping for a quiet night tonight. By the way Jen, we thought of Bailey for a name, I love it, but one of our friends named he baby girl that. So that was out of the running. Travis really wanted Leroy, but it brought to mind an online World of Warcraft video where a guy yells LEERRROOYYY JEEENNKIIINNNNNSSS.... Very dumb in my opinion, Hilarious in Trav's. The bad news is that I have to go home tomorrow!! And leave my two babies behind! AAANND, I forgot my crying sunglasses!! I guess I'm just bound to get a lot of strange looks on the flight and drive home.

A new addition to our family!!!

We got the cutest kitty in the whole world today! He is a long haired tabby, orange and white. He is the most cuddly little guy you have ever met. Since we got him he has been on one of our laps and purring constantly. We are looking for names for the little gaffer, and I found this site for the top ten names since 1991.. And apparently Joshua and Benjamin are VERY popular names. They were on the list EVERY SINGLE YEAR!! (actually ben missed out on two of the years, but other than that, every recorded year since 1950 contains benjamin and joshua) VERY ORIGINAL GUYS!! Plus, Christy stole my name for Megan... Your just lucky I wasn't pregnant yet..

Anyway.. Any suggestions for names?? I'll post pictures soon..

Friday, November 11, 2005

First Christmas Tree!!!

As most of you know, I'm at Travis' apartment in Fort McMurray right now!! Why am I taking the time to blog now? Because we just set up our first christmas tree together and lights outside! Travis and I had so much fun together. Picking out everything, spending too much money, good times. Here are some pictures of our beautiful winter wonderland tree.

This is the first time coming to Trav's apartment here, and I am very impressed! It's MUCH better than when he was staying in the college residence, or "purple palace".... palace my butt... I dont know if I could have lived there.. many unknown smells.

We went to the SPCA today to buy a kitty for Trav. They had the cutest, cuddliest cats and kitties there. We were going to get one, but they were pretty expensive, and we wouldn't be able to take it home today!! Stupid adoption process! So we kinda gave up on the idea for now.. The kitties were honestly soo nice!! Some actually jumped into your arms wanting you to take them home! The one I wanted was still little, about 5 months old, black, and purred and cuddled with you as soon as you picked him up. I still want to go back and take him home. I feel bad for the little critters with no home. I did rescue a kitty today!!! I heard a noise like nails on metal, and I thought one of the cats was scratching on the bottom of his cage. When I went to investigate, I saw a bit of fur sticking out from in between the cages!! There is only like a 2 inch gap between them and you can't get it from the sides or bottom so he obviously fell in from the top and was all wedged inside there!! We called the lady over and we had to all quickly pull away some cages and pull them apart!! It was scary for a bit there!! But we saved the little guy! We think he had just fell in there then, but the lady said he was missing the day before, and he sure was hungry when we got him out!! It was the saddest sight. But we got him out.

Travis decided to let one of the older cats out of it's cage, and it was one of the terriorial ones. It attacked another kitty and Travis had to break them up, resulting in some scratches (actually some deep gashes) on his hand. Poor guy took one for the team.

OK Travis want to show me world of warcraft now, so I will go watch. Wish us luck for going to the pet store tomorrow!! Maybe there will be some kitties there calling our name.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Baby Becca

Since Christy couldn't find any baby pictures of me to post, I figured I'd post one of my own. It's not a wonder there are less pictures of me, being the last of 4 children... But I won't get into that today... This picture should do me justice for now!

Monday, November 07, 2005 A lifesaver in my world

I just booked myself some flights on, and saved myself a bunch of time and agony!!! Mom and Dad so nicely offered to pitch in half the flight money, so I wouldnt be driving 10 hours at night, with deer and crazy drivers. Hurray! I almost booked a flight with west jet, but then my hunky smart man found me a good deal at almost half the price!! What a guy! So booked it we did. Now I just drive 2 hours to calgary, and fly for ONE HOUR, making it a total of 3 hours of travel, not 10 hours!! How happy am I???


I get an extra 13 or so more hours with Travis!! This may seem like nothing to many of you, but for me, and I bet Stephanie understands as well, 13 hours makes a big difference when you only see your guy once every 3-4 weeks.

pieces of me

Self Explanatory.

2 more sleeps!

I get to see this hunky man in 2 more sleeps!! I am so excited! I am not excited for the drive, though. 10 long hours... oh man my bum is going to be sore. Any suggestions for a long drive? I am dropping my friend Carolyn off in Sherwood park, about halfway, so at least I wont be that bored for that part of it. She can't drive standard though, so I can't take a break from driving!! I shouldn't complain too much, because I expect Travis to drive down some weekends, and he has done it way more than me. He's such a good guy for doing that. I'll appreciate it even more after this week. Another sucky thing is that I am going to have to do homework while I'm there!! Maybe I should take the 16 hour bus ride.. that way I can do my homework on the bus... Hmmmmm... Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I am excited!! but yet not... Travis Lyle Fletcher, Here I come!!!!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Look into my eyes...

OK so maybe I'm getting a little carried away. Back to homework now! This second one is for you, Travis, to show off the "poop" coloured eyes!

Self Portrait?

So I thought I'd try my hand at some self portraits. Now I know this doesn't compare to Miss Amanda Brown's famous self portraits, but this was the result. Hope you enjoy it, it was a fun break from homework.

Living in a Construction Zone

As I ave mentioned before, we are living in a construction zone. I just thought I'd fill you in on the progress. I am still kicked out of my room, and more carpet is getting ripped out. Doors are getting repainted, and dad is building a platform for the new furniture in their room. I am occupying myself with homework. (and blogging)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The not-so pampered chef

Today I went to a Pampered Chef Party with Tiff. It was the poor girl's first time ever, and one of the girls there kept interrupting her. There are sooo many things in the catalogue that I want, I could have spent soo much money. I came to the realisation that I HAVE NOTHING!! Absolutely nothing. I know I will get a whole lot from wedding showers and so on, but it hit me at the party, that in a short 218 days, or 7 months, I have to have a whole house set up!! We have to be able to function on our own in that time!! Crazyness! That's all I have to say.

Trident Splash

Travis just called me in stitches because he had just seen "the funniest commercial ever". It was the Trident splash commercial. You know, the one where the skinny guy walks up to the bus stop in a speedo, grinning, and when he eats the gum, a huge splash of water splashes over everyone. It reveals this guy's toupee, causes the gothic girl's makeup to run, and so on. I just thought it was so cute how Travis called me and couldn't even tell me what was so funny. He seems so sad up in Fort MacMurray, all by himself, left only to play his computer games. So nice to hear a smile in his voice. I love you, Baby!!

My friends I have never met

Now I know this subject has been over-blogged, but I feel like I have friends I have never met. Through Blogging. Most of these people are my sister's friends, and through reading their blogs I feel like I have really gotten to know them. Just now I went onto Jen Dalsin's Blog, (who is a friend of my sister's, so the connection is getting pretty far) and I saw that she had added me to her links! It's crazy how that simple act from a "stranger" can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, isn't it? I'm sure all you fellow bloggers can relate.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I broke my marker

Just to warn you, this is going to be a boring post. So if you are looking for something exciting, check someone else's blog.

Today I broke my blue sharpie. To start with, I accidentally wrote on my laptop with it, and it is permanent marker. And the laptop is a rental. A very expensive rental. Though I hear nail polish remover will get that scribble right off! (we'll see about that) I was working on bubble diagrams and trying to get the layout of my restaurant just right when... I remembered that you are not supposed to put the big lid on the other end of the marker or the little lid will get stuck inside of it never to be seen again... Too late. Sometimes if you don't stick the lid on too hard it will come right off the other end, but no such luck today. The little lid was jambed right inside the big lid. As a result, I could not put the lid back on the big end, so I was stuck with a marker that would write on everything in sight, and dry out right away. So I threw it out. Taught that thing a lesson for writing on my lappy!! I guess I will have to settle for green bubble diagrams for now. Too bad, so sad.