Travis and Becky Fletcher: September 2005

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The little loves of my life.

This is Benjamin Caleb, Megan Danielle, Joshua Brayden, and Cadence Rebecca. They are my neices and nephews. I love their differences, and I love seeing their mommies and daddies in them, and seeing the things they do the same, and all their differences. I wish we all lived next door to each other. Thats all, my own life isn't exciting enough, so here is my extended life: Travis and Neices and Nephews.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It seems like so long ago

I was looking at Travis' website, and I found this picture of us from 2 summers ago. That was such a good time. Remember when Travis got there he had never water skiied in his life, and when the week was over, he was better than me!! That boy is so dedicated, there is nothing he can't do, or is too afraid to do, for that matter. Me, I'm a chicken. That camping trip was also a lot less busy, with less little kiddies running around. I can't wait for when we can go on big camping trips all together when Trav and I are married, I hope we can all go every year.

Monday, September 26, 2005


I am feeling very overwhelmed at this moment. School is already soo busy!! I have about 50 assignments per week! (yes that is exaggeration, I am my mother's daughter) But honestly, I have an assignment per class per week and a couple chapters of reading per class per week. I don't know how I'm going to plan anything else for the wedding, so it looks like there will be no attention to detail. Oh well, as Mrs. Fletcher would say, "anything better than MacDonalds is gravy!" or something like that. I had lunch with Travis' parents without him yesterday, and I had such a great time. I am so glad that this is the family I am marrying into. I wouldn't change one thing about one person. Anyways, Mr.Wehrwein, my CAD teacher, is starting up. I better not get lost.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

Today is Travis' and my 3rd year anniversary. 3 short years ago Travis asked me in front of his house, after watching Monster's Inc. if I wanted to "try the long distance thing". He was up in Edmonton, and our first year of dating, like our last year of just dating, have been long a long distance relationship. I was just starting grade 12, and the butterflies were a-fluttering. I remember watching monster's inc, and I remember reaching over holding his hand, and it felt like a lightning bolt struck through my hand straight to my heart. Cheezy, isn't it? I know I won't be feeling moments quite like that anymore, but I am so looking forward to many more new experiences, in our engaged life and married life. There are so many more moments in life that we have to experience together.
Sadly, Travis and I do not get to spend our 3rd anniversary together. I am in Merchandising 156 right now, learning about our behaviours while we shop. What good is that? Travis is probably just getting home from work right now, maybe logging onto his computer to play WOW.
Travis, thank you for the best 3 years of my life, and I really look forward to an eternity with you. I love you baby. Happy Anniversary!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Engagement party!

Two weeks ago today, we finally had our engagement party. It has been so hard to have one, because Travis has been gone since a week after we got engaged, and the weekends he comes down we are so busy with everything else.

It turns out my best friend Tiff has been trying to co-ordinate with Travis this whole time to plan one as a surprise for me, but I surprised her and asked her to help me plan the party as a surprise for Travis. And Tiff, a little secret, I knew all along that you and Travis were planning that, and I didn't have the heart to tell you. I'm sorry, but I've always been good at figuring secrets out. I don't think there has been one Christmas or Birthday in my life when I haven't known what I was getting.

On to the party, we had it at Travis' house, BBQ style, and very laid back. It was supposed to be a surprise for Travis, but he kept insisting that we "go to the farm!", and I was forced to tell him that we had to wait until 6:30 to go, so he started to suspect something, but wasn't sure of what. We had a BBQ and just hung out with our friends and family. The party was also a birthday party for Travis, since his Birthday was 2 days before, so we had a gift opening in which Travis received a total of 8 shirts and a pair of jeans! I don't think he has ever gotten that many clothes in one day in his life. (my ideal birthday). I think we all know how frugal he is, and now that he wears button up shirts every day, we all figured he needed some more.

The highlight of the evening was the fireworks. I think Justin Duban (Trav's best man) brought them, and when the sun had set we lit them and had our own fireworks show. The funniest part was when Travis yelled to Derek, who was lighting the fireworks, "just don't be scared Derek", as he was running away.

The party turned out great, and Travis was relatively surprised. The only set-back is that my dear sisters, Christy and Amanda, could not come. I miss them so much and wish they could be there. I also wish they could live close to me in this changing time of my life, and be able to help with my wedding planning as I did with theirs. I love you guys so much, and I have the best bridesmaids in the world! (you too, Tiff)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

This is the man of my dreams....

This is Travis Lyle Fletcher. He is funny, smart, loving, hot, giving, caring, handsome, talkative, full of faith and love for God, cuddly, hot, and not to mention good looking. Did I tell you he's the man of my dreams? He is the greatest example for me of how God is watching out for me and knows me inside and out. Travis fulfills all the things I ever wanted in a future husband, all the things I didn't know I ever wanted, and the things I didn't want, but God knows and has shown me that they make me a better person and us a better couple. I hope that made sense. Travis knows how to calm me down, and how to push my buttons. He is a great listener and an ever better talker. I have not always been good at putting my thoughts into words, and Travis has helped me accomplish that. He is.... thrifty, which I am not, and I know I will need to work on, he is very computer savvy, which, who couldn'y use a little help with these things? He is also good with cars, which will help us save money when our cars break down, especially if he still has his Camaro in a few years. Us city girls are clueless when it comes to fixing cars, or anything else. Travis is very outgoing, and, for those of you who know me, know I am the opposite of outgoing, but I have seen a change in myself over the past 3 years in that aspect as well. If I'm afraid of a certain situation, which happens often, Travis will tell me to basically suck it up and try it. Life isn't so scary, after all! Travis went to Capernwray Hall, England, and as a result is a fountain of knowledge and strength. He is the best friend I ever had, and ever will have in my life. He makes me laugh even when I don't want to. I made the mistake of teaching him the few Dutch phrases that I know. One of which Dad always did when I was young to make me laugh when I was mad at him, and I know I'm butchering the spelling but this is how it sounds, "laugh-us at my deinchess", which means "laugh at my thumb". He also loves to point out Dutch phrases that I didn't know were Dutch, like the "cuppie", the end of a loaf of bread, "dukie", or cloth, and saying "ooooo ahhhhh" when you hug someone. I honestly thought everyone did that! Travis is very involved in the Wedding planning, which I greatly appreciate, but which is hard at the same time because of distance. Sometimes I just forget to tell him things that I am planning, like booking the Limousine while he was in Disney Land 2 weeks ago. Lucky Duck, by the way. Travis provides calm in the storm, excitement in the prairies, and strength for my weaknesses. Actually, during a storm Travis isn't the most calm one, he loves excitement. He would make a great storm chaser. He was on a cruise to the carribbean last Christmas with his family, and during a storm when everyone was in their beds seasick, Travis was out getting a plate full of Lobster tails to bring back for everyone. He is so romantic, I need to make a blog about how he proposed one of these days, but that's a whole blog in itself. He is also the hottest man alive. I love his blue eyes, which I hope our babies get, his gorgeous smile which lights up any room, his hair, his nose, his build, and his stature, which he is self conscious about, but I love his height because it's basically the same as mine which makes him perfect for kissing. Travis, you are my knight in shining armour, and you make me the happiest girl alive. Thank you for being you, and making me a better me. I love you so much!

First Blog

Is it possible to have a blog without any children? The only blogs I have been to are those of married people with children, but I figure I should jump on the bandwagon anyway. Wedding arrangements are well underway, and our biggest concern right now is entertaining the idea of having a 22 year old flower girl. Any thoughts? In other news, life is kinda rough for Travis and I right now, because he lives 10 hours away in Fort MacMurray. It's hard to be a good fiancee and encourage him while he's on his year long co-op for Suncor Oil. We are both very tense and lonely, and, unfortunately, we end up taking it out on each other. But we do love each other very much, and we only fight because we can't be together. Since moving, Travis had "rediscovered" the joy of computer gaming! Every time i call him (free through, he is playing WOW, or World of Warcraft to those of us not "up" on computer lingo. That or CS:S, or Counter-Strike Source to the rest of us. I think he is on the computer almost 24/7, literally. He wakes up, goes to work, sits in his cubicle in front of a computer for 9 hours, then comes home and plays WOW for another 10 hours, usually until 2:00 in the morning(waking up at 6:00am). Some days, he'll take a break for supper. Sometimes he takes a break to talk to me, sometimes he just tries to play discretely without me finding out and getting mad. All I hear about from him are the "Quests" he goes on in WOW. He is a computer science major and sadly, I am typing this with incorrect fingers, which is a huge pet peeve to him. Life is great when we are together, which is only about every other weekend. I love him soo much, and it's so hard to show him how happy he makes me and to tell him how amazing he really is, when he is so far away, and when we only get to talk to each other about an hour a day. Only 271 days until eternal bliss!! (Compared to this, anyway). As for me, I just started my second and last year of Interior Design at LCC on Wednesday, and it seems like this semester will be alright. I was supposed to have Fridays off, which would have been amazing, because then i could go see Travis every other weekend, which he also has Fridays off, but noooo, they had to go and change my schedule on me. I now have Thursdays off, but what good is that if I have to come back to school on Friday? I am hoping that school will make this year go fast, maybe, before you know it, it will be Christmas, and then after that, before you know it, school will be over, Travis will be back and then BAM! A month later we are married! Thanks for checking our new blog, everybody!!