Travis and Becky Fletcher: September 2006

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Bed and New Hair

Not much to tell you, but some pictures of some very exciting changes are coming soon!! Christy finished my wonderful wedding gift while she has been down, a beautiful microsuede duvet cover AND bedskirt AND Euro Shams!! I love it all so much, and I will post somepictures of it as soon as I am done crocheting some shams for some more lucious texture. AND I am getting my hair dyed tomorrow, and cut on Saturday, and all for free! I think this might be one of the bigger changes I will get in my hair. Not so much the colour, but the cut. I'm getting it about shoulder length, which is very short for me. A big, brave step. And also a brave step for Trav, since he loves my long hair. But I am so excited!!

I caught the sickness that all the girls who have been in the Vriend household lately have gotten. I have a sore throat, and some hot and cold sweats. Also, it feels a little like the floor in this room is slanted. I hope this doesn't get too much worse, but it is bareable at the moment, no matter how much I complain. I must say that helping watch 4 active children is a very good form of birth control. I love them so much, and they know that, but I realised I am just not ready. Yet.

The leaves on the trees are turning. Pretty, but so sad.

Time for bed! Gotta work at 7 am tomorrow:(

Monday, September 18, 2006

A Snowy Weekend

You read right! We saw SNOW on the weekend!! Trav's cousin Cher (Cheralyn) and her now hubby Reshad were married at Rafter Six Ranch this weekend. There was a bit of snow, but it wasn't too cold, and it made for a beautiful day. Cher was so gorgeous as a bride, and her wedding suited her perfectly. We had an awesome time catching up with Trav's side of the family, and meeting Reshad for the first time! Cher met him in Austalia on a missions trip, and they will be returning there late December or early next year, when she gets her spousal Visa.

Check out my flickr site for more pictures.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Day Off = Good Wife

So I finally had a day off today, and I finally did some wifey duties, like cleaning. Since we went camping on my last 2 days off, I haven't had a day at home in almost three weeks, which means the house hasn't been cleaned in almost 3 weeks. It felt SO GOOD to actually clean. (I never thought I would say that) I know a lot of people come home from an 8 hour day of work and actually clean up after themselves and their husbands so the mess doesn't pile up, but I haven't mastered that yet. I prefer to binge-clean. That way you are really motivated and it makes a big difference! So I did about 2 loads of dishes (well the dishwasher did), vaccumed, mopped, cleaned the bathroom, laundry, and wiped almost every surface in our house, getting rid of inches of cat hair. I even checked Trav's pockets this time doing the laundry. Apparently boys stash all sorts of things in their pockets like receipts and stuff. New to me.

So there was an ad in the paper today for Chihuahua puppies, which isn't our first choice, but close, so I phoned the lady to get some information, I asked the price, and then I asked what size they were, toy, teacup or regular, and she had NO IDEA what I was talking about! She didn't know they came in different sizes!! I think these may be the same people I saw selling Chihuahuas on the side of the road a couple months ago. They are Mexican Mennonites (nothing against them) and they import these dogs from Mexico.... So I nicely told her that I would have to think about it and call her back later. Now I know $650 is a good deal for Chihuahuas, but not if you have no idea what you are getting!! So the search continues.

We bought an accordian filing thingy today, which also helped cut down the piles of crap in our house. Now our bills are organized and not in random piles on our dining table and office.

I can't wait to get our wedding print back! Should be under 2 weeks now! And for you guys who were in our wedding party, your gift should be done soon! We really shouldn't have picked out gifts that need to be assembled after the wedding, with both of us being the biggest procrastinators ever.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Man on the Moon

The moon has been very full and bright the last couple days, and I made a comment to Travis about the man on the moon. He didn't know what that was! I had to point out the face to him a few times, and he still doesn't completely believe me. You know, for someone who almost has their degree, he sure can be a little naive sometimes. He also didn't believe me that everyone knows what the man on the moon is. Silly boy.

Life is great over here, especially married life. I have been working a lot at Linen's N Things, and Travis has started his last year of school! It will be so nice when he's done and we can finally figure out what we will be doing with the next few years of our lives. We still don't have a rentor for the basement, so hopefully something or someone will come up soon. And by someone, I mean someone who doesn't ask "what do you mean by no parties?" as some college guy did.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Check it Out!!

I saw this in the Lethbridge Living Magazine today during my break!! So I ripped it out and showed it to everyone. I am so proud of my nephews. They were both SO good and SO cute in their little tuxes and bouteniers(sp). So this is an ad for our photographer, if you haven't already figured it out.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Birthdays and Camping

I didn't write anything about Travis on his birthday because I was too busy spending time with him. Travis and I went camping with some friends of ours for the long weekend and had an awesome time. It was my first camping trip without parents! It was really fun camping as newlyweds. We went to Cataract Creek, south of Banff and Peter Lougheed Park. Since it was mostly boys there we went for bike rides, hikes, and Geo-caching. And, since it was mostly boys, our fires were usually over our heads and spilling over the tiny fire pit. Check our flickr site for pictures. The nights were cold, but my hubby did a wonderful job cuddling me and keeping me warm at night, especially last night when I had to keep venturing out into the cold since I was sick. Dumb IBS.
I could write a long, wordy post about how great my husband is, because he really is amazing, but he doesn't read this anyway so I will tell him in person instead. I'll save that post for another day when I'm feeling particularly talkative. He loves his new birthday cell phone.
In other news, we are on the lookout for a puppy!! I'm not sure what kind yet, you all know my dream in a Yorkshire Terrier, but we are too poor for that one. Someday. But we are going to keep checking the Pet Stores for a small baby girl! And I got slip-covers for our couches!! Here's the Before and After: (remember, the slipcovers still need to be ironed.)