Travis and Becky Fletcher: May 2006

Friday, May 19, 2006

Crazy Bride Dreams

Last night I dreamt that it was the wedding day, and I was only as prepared as I am now! Which is pretty prepared, but not near prepared enough for getting married today. It was so scary! I don't remember the ceremony, but we were setting up for the reception so late, and nobody was helping us and I wasn't even dressed when it was time to start! Somehow the Lodge was attatched to our house so I told mom that we had to leave so I could get dressed, because almost everybody was there! so we went into our attatched house and went to get dressed. Then some person rang the doorbell, and we thought it was someone coming to the reception, so I answered it, but it was some HUGE, SCARY guy and he asked us if we wanted to buy his BUFFALO! And this cartoonish buffalo showed up behind him and we said no and I tried to shut the door, but he pushed his way through with his buffalo, and kept insisting that we buy his buffalo. He was like chasing us all around our house, and I was screaming at him to "GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE I NEED TO GET READY FOR MY WEDDING!!" and he wouldn't and it was realy scary.. I was screaming at the absolute top of my lungs! Did I mention he was really scary? And had a huge buffalo? So anyways, I think eventually I managed to get kinda dressed, but with no make-up on, my hair in a greasy ponytail, and no hoop under my dress so it looked like crap and dragged on the floor. We showed up at the reception FINALLY, and it was 11:00 PM, and they were waiting for me to start the dinner, and the night was almost over! No time for the dance! All because of that scary man and his FREEKING BUFFALO!!!

So I hope you all enjoyed my crazy dream. If my wedding turns out better than that, I'll be a happy bride.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

One Month!

The day has arrived! It is one month until I become a Mrs!! Its so crazy to me to think that in a month Travis and I will be united. I'm going to live with a boy! Yes, I am really excited for it. That is the question I am asked at least twice a day now. We get start moving into the house next week! Yesterday Mom and I finished off about half of the brownie favors. They are so cute. But we ran out of the sticker labels!! Why in the world did we order 100 and not 200?? Oh well, more will be here on friday.

Big news, Yesterday I got a job!!! I am now an employee of Carefree Kitchens and Lighting! It seems like they will be quite flexible, and let me go on my wonderful honeymoon, and work full time after that. The people seem nice.

I also have 2 wedding showers this week, one tomorrow and a lingerie shower on saturday! I think I could get used to this.

Here's a small preview of the pictures to come. My computer is getting re-imaged on friday so I don't want to put to many pictures and programs onto it, just to have them erased in a few days. I have taken hundreds of pictures in just 3 days. LOVE IT!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Today's the day!

It's my birthday today! It's been really great. Mom woke me up with a yummy breakfast of french toast (my favorite). Make that 2 french toasts sandwiched with Nutella in between! So yummy! After church, Travis, my mom, his parents, his brother and I all went out for Lunch to celebrate. Trav's mom and dad got me beautiful roses and an album, and mom and Travis gave me money to put toward my dream of a camera! After lunch we finally got Travis' wedding band, and then we searched for said camera.. and got one!! I jumped on the SLR boat, and got the Nikon D50!! AND I LOVE IT!! It is absolutely frickin amazing! haha Travis and I have been playing aalllll night. I wonder how long I will go before I go and get more lenses?? I've only had the camera for 4 hours.. only working for 2 because of the battery charge, and I have almost 100 pictures... after deleting probably half of them! So I think its safe to say we have gone a little crazy, and it will be hard to pick the best, but here goes!

Ok what a day for blogger to not want to upload pictures.... But take my word for it, it has been taking amazing pictures and they will be up.. and soon!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Another Countdown.. but a short one!

Just a quick note to let you all know that its 2 days until my birthday!!! Yup, May 7 is the day! I'll be 21, just in time for the BIG day! (which is in 35 days, by the way)! Mom has been keeping me VERY busy! It's pretty stressful for a procrastinator like myself! But, yes mom, I am thankful for that, and for all the work you have been doing for me! I've been keeping busy with that and looking for jobs! I'll let you all know how that search goes.

So I think I've gotten used to having Travis home again. It was weird at first, as mentioned before, but it has gotten so good! We start moving stuff into our place (Darren's House) on May 16th! Travis will probably move in then too, and help with the renovations. Lots of stuff coming up!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Show Yourselves

I know I am not the first person to experience a rude comment. I think I speak for everyone when I say that they are cowards. Why are they always "anonymous"?? I mean, if you are going to be rude, at least show who you are. WEIRD, isn't it? Surprising how spelling a word wrong can bring out a really ugly side in someone. Do you know how annoying spell-check is in blogger? I am writing this all for the second time because I tried it, just to be safe for any "anonymous" people who I am sure are double-checking my every word, because they have nothing better to do with their time. Isn't blogging supposed to be an enjoyable thing? And not a school lesson where your every word and your grammar is double checked?