Travis and Becky Fletcher: March 2007

Friday, March 30, 2007

Silly silly puppy...

When the weather is as nice as it has been the last couple of days, we like to take Chloe for walks, especially around Henderson Lake, since it is so close. So last night we did just that. We have Nikita right now since mom is visiting Dan, Amanda, Joshua, Cadence and, NEW BABY JOSEPH!!! YAY! Congrats Dan & Amanda! And dad is gone to Edmonton for "family meetings". The fact that we have Nikita is kind of beside the point, but she was on the walk too. Right now, there are SO MANY CANADA GEESE, especially around the lake. Chloe is SO outgoing, and was pulling on the leash the whole time trying to go meet and play with them and all the people and other dogs. I was getting kind of sick of all this pulling to we went onto the little "island", which is more of a peninsula, on the lake where there were no people so I thought I could let go of the leash for a minute and let her walk around on there for a bit. Well, I thought wrong. She saw 2 geese out of the corner of her eye, and before I could stop her she LUNGED INTO THE LAKE! (for those of you who do not live in Lethbridge, Henderson Lake is a small, man made lake which usually has a bit of a greenish hue to it)... And she started swimming after these two geese! She hates baths so I never would have figured she would run so easily into the lake.. let alone know how to swim... luckily this comes naturally to dogs. Anyway, I yelled at her to come, and a few feet into the water she realised what she was doing and turned around and swam back to me. Turns out these 2 geese were about to be mommy and daddy geese and were protecting a nest because the were hissing at her (and us), and looked about ready to kill us. So I snatched her out of the icky water and we ran away. And then laughed the entire way home, saying, "Can you beleive she did that???" She just really caught us off guard. But now that she didn't die, we love the story. Serves her right to walk all the way home wet. Trouble is that she is even more intrigued by the geese now and wants to see them more....
I would post a picture of her, but my laptop's hard drive crashed and ate all my pictures of her:( sure wish I had backed up recently!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Estrogen Overdose

I called Travis on the way home from work yesterday and he told me that Chloe had gotten into my BIRTH CONTROL PILLS! I accidentally left them on the bathroom counter, and then Toby jumped up and knocked them down, and Chloe proceeded to chew on the package and eat about a week's worth of pills. Great. I hate it when they work as a team like that! So when I got home I called the Vet, and she gave me the # for the pet poison center, but it would have cost a $35 consultation fee. So I took my chances and called the regular poison center, and they were very helpful. They said that since estrogen is normally in her system it wouldn't do her any harm. YAY!
Here's the evidence:

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thank you, home buyers seminar!

Travis and I went to a first time home buyers seminar tonight, and it cost us $5 each. That $5 was a donation to Rehoboth Ministries, which was matched by the wonderful people who put it on. The seminar was SO informative, something we really needed to learn. And the best part is, as door prizes we got $100 dollars in gift certificates! Thats right, folks! We learned about investing, and we got $50 bucks to spend at The Wooden Shoe, a wonderful bakery that just happened to be my first job, and $50 bucks to spend at Coco Pazzo, the best Italian restaurant in Lethbridge. How sweet is that?? I'm very excited to eat well. Oh and also we got pizza there, and we got to take 1/2 a leftover pizza home! No more cookin for this tired wife! For a couple of days, anyway.

P.S. I posted more Disneyland pictures on our flickr site. They are from Trav's parents' camera. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Things that go bump in the night

So I was fast asleep last night, and it was about 12:30. I felt something jump down (Toby, he sleeps on our headboard), and my head got pushed into the pillow. Ouch. That kinda hurt, he usually jumps beside my head. Oh well, too tired to get mad at him. I'll try to go back to sleep. Why do I taste blood? And why does my cheek hurt so bad? I'll just suck on my lip for a while, he must have hit it with his claws jumping down. Blood tastes gross. And my cheek feels cut too. Roll over groggily, turn on bedside light. Try to adjust my eyes, look at my face in the mirror. Yikes. Toby really cut my face and lip! So I jump out of bed to show Travis (who was playing WOW at the time) and he laughs. Histerically. I cleaned out the cuts with hydrogen peroxide and went back to bed. It doesn't look too bad today, but there was some explaining to do.

That story sounded pretty dramatic, and I know I kinda jumped around from first person to past and future tense, but I don't really feel like fixing it. I'm too hungry and grumpy today. I was going to post a picture of the damage but my camera died. Maybe I'll update later. I remember now what it was like to have Gismo, the scratch-happy kitty of my childhood. (I admit it, I was definately an Elvira, from looney toones)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Before & After

I cut my hair today! I was feeling a little tired of my hair, and it grew so fast since the last time, so I went and got the change I needed. Here's the before: And here is the after!!

I think this is the shortest I have had my hair since maybe grade 8 when I wanted the "Jenna Elfman" cut from Dharma & Greg - which was not a good look for me, by the way. Travis specified that I stayed under shoulder length, so I went as close as I could to that! He likes it, and I like it too.

In other news, we went for our first rollerblade of the year today! Chloe sure had fun, and she sure is sleeping well right now. Although she needs to learn not to run right in front of the wheels. Leetle scary sometimes. And she is just so social she wants to run across the street to greet every person she sees! Its a little harder to stop on wheels.

Monday, March 12, 2007

My little baby... puppy that is.

Just now I was sitting on the couch on my laptop, looking for houses in Calgary and Lethbridge, discovering facebook (if you are on it, add me), checking blogs, and watching some design shows and Chloe did the cutest thing. Trying to do about ten things at once caused me to be a little distracted. So I didn't really notice what she was doing until just now. I noticed she was jumping up and sitting on the arm of the couch behind my back like she always does, jumping back down every once in a while. This is what we do every night for a bit so I didn't take notice. Until I took my eyes away from my screens and looked around a bit. There was not one, not two, but three teddy bears surrounding me. This whole time she was trying to play with me but I completely ignored her! Needless to say I am now paying a little attention to my baby girl. She does the cutest things. Sleeps on our pillow or even sometimes snuggled under the blankets right next to me. She loves other animals and will play with them relentlessly. Even while being humped my my friend's brother's Chihuahua, she kept just trying to play with him and thought he was trying to chase her. She cried when mom took Nikita away this weekend after we had been watching her.

Travis and I talk every day about what the future will bring us. The past month we had only really talked about jobs in Calgary, so I had been looking online at houses non-stop. It is rediculous. I don't know if there is any way we can afford a house there, even if it is a 100 square foot dump. So today we started talking about staying here in Lethbridge for a couple years, buy a small house, fix it up, and when we have some money saved, then move to Calgary. I already have a great jon waiting for me here should we decide to stay, so all we need is for Travis to find a good job. Keep us in your prayers! No matter where we go.

Friday, March 02, 2007

A little about our trip.

Well, I think I have said this already, but we had a great time. Most of my pictures are of the scenery along the drive, because my camera was handy and we saw some amazing sights. I didnt take my camera to Disneyland since it is a little bulky and I didnt want to risk damaging it or losing it. That would make me cry.

On the way down we stopped at Bryce Canyon, which was gorgeous. Kind of like the hoodoos at Writing on Stone. We also saw the Grand Canyon at sunrise. This was a highlight for me. Although freezing, it was still amazing to see God's amazing creation at its finest. I felt a little hopeless behind the lense. There was no way to even begin to capture that beauty. But I tried anyway. Us girls in the van were pretty much gassed out by the guys. Seriously, I have never smelled so much gas. Except for maybe chili night at Golden. Take that and spread iy over 3 days and confine it in a minivan. Yeah. Not so nice. Travis and Derek were pretty rowdy sometimes. I was surprised that there were so few fights. It was so enjoyable and I really felt like family. Not that I didn't already.

L.A. is huge. We stayed at the LemonTree. It's a cute hotel in Anaheim, about a 5 minute drive from Disneyland. We spent three days at Disneyland/ California Adventure with hopper passes. I didn't remember too much from when I was 3, but it was so nice to start new memories with Trav. I was a little hesitant at first, because I have gotten sick on fair rides and wasn't too sure what to expect. (I puked just walking off the gravatron once a few years ago) But the rides at Disneyland do not even compare. I loved the Tower of Terror and California Screamin'. But they were all good. We also went to Knotts Berry Farm one day. I loved the skit, and most of the rides. Although they have one wooden style roller coaster..... It was little rough. Actually A LOT ROUGH. Our brains were rattled out of our ears. They should have Advil dispensers as you come off the ride.

We left for Deal or No Deal with an hour and a half to spare. With the L.A. traffic it took us 2 hours to get there. Our tickets said we had to arrive an hour before the show. A long line-up waited outside the gates and we proceeded to the back of the line. Tanya marched right up to the cecurity guards at the front and showed them our tickets and they ushered us right in. Howie Mandel is hilarious. He is not prompted for any of his jokes. But no, he does not know all of the model's names. Those are on the prompter. We were at the taping of an episode where they finish with one contestant and start with another. The first lady was doing so well (Debbie Montgomery), but then she got greedy and went one too far and walked away with 1/4 of the money she was last offered. The second guy was pretty funny. I forget his name but he was like a big kid, a chubby black teddy bear of a guy who danced it up. Quite hilarious, you have to watch. It will probably air on the first wednesday in April. SO keep your eyes peeled for us!! We are in the first row above the entrance where howie and the contestants walk in.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. We stopped in Vegas for a total of about a 1/2 hour on the way back. We stayed at the same hotel south of Salt Lake City that we had on the way down, and the Hotel manager remembered us. In fact he asked the two boys to keep the noise down. Brothers.

Check out the pictures!!! ------------>

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Spam Blog???

As I write this, there is a message above this notepad and it reads as follows:

This blog has been locked by Blogger's spam-prevention robots. You will not be able to publish your posts, but you will be able to save them as drafts.
Save your post as a draft or
click here for more about what's going on and how to get your blog unlocked.

What??? How am I a spam blog?? Thats pretty retarded. So I guess I will have to save this and I will post this when my blog is unlocked. This is pretty dumb. Old news by the time you read this.

What I wanted to say is that I put up some pictures on our Flickr site. So check them out. And maybe by the time blogger realizes I am not a computer (a blogger person has to actually read my blog to check it out) I will have thought of some good stories to tell you about our trip.

P.S. My favorite ride was Tower of Terror.