Travis and Becky Fletcher: December 2006

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Leetle Bloated

So Travis and I had not one, not two, but FIVE Christmas dinners this Holiday season!!! It was busy but very very fun. Chloe lost all four of her top front teeth in two days. I don't know what else to say, I'm kind of pooped from running from place to place eating everyone out of house and home. SO I will tell our Christmas story through pictures. More to come on Flickr .

As usual, blogger won't upload my pictures, so they will all be on flickr.

Friday, December 15, 2006


So Travis has a final exam at 9 am tomorrow, and he is only about 60-70% done studying (in his own words), and he is busy playing his game right now. There is nothing I can do about this procrastination. Yesterday he asked me if I was working today, and when I said yes, he said, "Crap! I study so much better when you are home!!" I just had to laugh. If this is studying well when I am home, I'm scared to see what crappy studying is like! All I have to say is that I am SO GLAD I'm done school. I'm not saying I had the best study habits either, but this is rediculous.

Right after Trav's test tomorrow we are heading off to Medicine Hat.. a.k.a. "the Hat" for the Telke (Trav's mom's side) Christmas. I'm excited. We got some really cool $10 gifts for the gift exchange. Actually they are worth a bit more because I bought them with my discount at Linens N Things. Score. I'm really excited to see that side of my new family.

I'm watching Ellen, and she just gave away tickets to Cancun, Mexico, with Hotel Accomodations too. I want to go somewhere warm! Actually, anywhere thats not windy would be nice. It has been brutal lately. So I think I will really enjoy my trip to the SUMMERland!! I hope to see all you bloggers out there!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


A few posts back I mentioned that in April our lives will change forever. I got some comments back from people wondering what is happening then.. and a couple people ask if I am pregnant. No, I'm not pregnant, or trying to get pregnant. In April Travis is done school forever and big changes and moves will be coming very shortly thereafter. Just a clarification.

Travis and I have been married 6 months as of Sunday!! SIX months! It feels like yesterday, yet it feels like this is how it has always been. ba da ba ba ba...(cue McDonald's tune) I'm lovin' it. We went out for supper yesterday and it was nice. I even ordered desert. What a novelty! And ordered a yummy fruity drink! It was a good day. We watched the first half of our honeymoon video yesterday, too. That was so fun. I wish I was still there:(. Here's a picture of me in Rome, and of the two of us in the Stardust Theatre on THE ship. I miss you, Meditteranean!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Professional Wedding Pictures!

So we bought & finally received a DVD of all our pro wedding pictures, so I have put a whole bunch of them up on our flickr site. Take a look! I love how they turned out. And now they are really ours.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas comes early...

So the keyboard Travis wanted for Christmas was on sale, and we decided to go get it for him, and he was too excited about it to wait until the big day. So I caved and let him start using it. He's telling me to talk about it's assets: programmable LCD screen, backlit keys, programmable keys, USB inputs, and all sorts of other goodies that "gamers" just love. Including my hubby. I was happy to oblige because.....
I got some clippers! So I gave Chloe a haircut so she looks small again. Take a look:
And since I did such a good job on Chloe, Travis let me cut his hair, too!
I think I did a pretty good job, too. He even said I could do it again. We've already made the money back from the clippers. Yay!