Travis and Becky Fletcher: July 2006

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Weather

A lot of people have been blogging about the weather, and how HOT it is. I'm about to jump on that bandwagon. The only difference is, I have picture proof! Amanda and her 2 kids, Josh and Candence, stayed at our house thurs night to sat morning. Amanda checked on Josh Friday night and this is what she found:

Yes, that is a PUDDLE of sweat around Joshua. The poor guy was soo hot! So we stripped him of his PJ's and brought a fan in the room and I think he felt a little better. We need our air conditioning fixed!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

My Husband Needs a Haircut

I've never cut a guy's hair before, so I'm just wondering.. For those of you who have, is it very hard? Is it something I should attempt on my dear hubby's head?? I mean, if it doesn't turn out, we can just go to the hairdresser and she can fix it for the same amount of getting it cut in the first place. If it does turn out, we just saved ourselves 20 bucks! Here's a picture of Trav a couple weeks before our wedding when his hair was SUPER long.

Friday, July 21, 2006

More Pictures

I went a little crazy and posted a whole bunch more pictures of the wedding on flickr, so if you haven't been checking regularly, DO SO NOW! I finally scanned some pictures that Uncle Arie took, so theres a bunch more, plus some older pictures that I took when I first got the new Camera. Enjoy!!

See more Flickr wedding pictures!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Some Days It Just Hits you..

I know it may sounds crazy, but some days, more than others, I feel like a WIFE. Some days, being married doesn't feel any different than before we were married. I think that this is just the way that Trav and I were meant to be. It sure took long enough, but here we are. Married.

Today Trav and I went to the grocery store, and we have to try and budget to save money, and make all sorts of compromises to get food that we both like and will both eat. When we were driving home, it hit me that I am never going to live with my parents again. I spent 21 years, 1 month and 3 days living at home with them, having my groceries bought for me, laundry done for me, a mommy to talk to every day. I was so blessed to spend that time with them, and the years before with my siblings.

Now Travis and I are starting our OWN family! No no no, not babies kind of family, but we are both separated from our parents and making a life of our own. I love it! Travis has turned out to be quite the hubby. It is so awesome to come home, and 10 minutes later have him come home and give me a big hug, and then for us to decide what to make for dinner. Our married life has been pretty laid back so far, other than work. It has been so nice to just relax with the two of us at night and adjust. I love that guy.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

SOOO, How's Married Life??

Travis and I hear this question from almost every person we see. So far, it's not annoying.. yet. But it's hard to come up with different answers after a while. So I will sum up what it's been like being married to my best friend.

Married life is amazing. We had an awesome honeymoon, and since coming back I have had 2 weeks to set up our house before I start my new job (tomorrow) at Linens N Things. Travis wasn't too happy about my not earning any money for those 2 weeks, but it has been so worth it. There is so much to do around this house to keep it clean and set it up. I finally got everything in order, and then our fridge broke. Luckily mom and dad had an extra in their basement (which is bigger and nicer than the one we had.. yay!), but it caused a bit of chaos in our house and subsequent mess. I need to go grocery shopping today to replace the things that went bad. I have really gotten used to not working though, I quite enjoy it! Too bad we are poor. Anyways, back to married life. It hasn't really felt like a HUGE adjustment for either of us, since we spent so much time together when we were dating. There is a lot less driving and the best thing is that we don't have to say goodbye at night. Both of us already feel like guests in our parents homes, they already don't feel like home to us, which is a good thing. Home is here with my hubby. We both love not having to answer to our parents all the time, and not living with them, as much as we do love them.

The second most asked question is "when are you guys having kids?"... And while getting pregnant now and not having to work anymore sounds like a great idea, it is not what either of us want. We both want to enjoy married life without kids first for a while. Once you have kids, you can't give them away or have a break. We have our whole lives for that. Travis and I would love to first of all, be done school, and second of all, be in a place where we are both ready. So, in answer to that question, in a few years.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dustin!

One month ago I could have said that Dustin is the best brother-in-law that I have. But now that I am married, I inherited another one so that just wouldn't be fair. In all honesty, Dustin is one of the greatest guys I have gotten to know. Besides my husband, that is. Since I met Dustin, he has always encouraged me in my walk of faith, and teaching me by example how a person of God lives. When Travis and I were reading our wedding cards, I wasn't surprised to find that the longest, most heartfelt letter in all of the cards was from Dustin. He is so good with words, and he has continued to encourage Travis and I in our marriage. As Christy wrote about him, he is so full of love and life, and it all emerges through his eyes. I'm sure I don't get the same kind of looks that she gets, but you can read all through those kind eyes. Dustin is an amazing photographer, and he took some amazing shots of us on our wedding day. He is a talented artist and writer, but he has put his dream career on hold to support his wonderful family. Dustin, I love you, and I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY!!! (We don't have a long distance plan so we may not be able to call) LOVE YOU!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

More about our honeymoon...

Contrary to my sister's beliefs, Travis and I did not fight on our honeymoon. We had an amazing time.

In Barcelona we took a bus tour that took as to all the main sites around the city, and we could get off at any stop to get a closer look and catch the next bus. We had a couple of beach days and relaxed and soaked up the sun. We stayed in a cute B&B that was just a short walk from the beach and the Metro Station.

This is the kitchen in our B&B where we made a couple meals and ate breakfast... Surprisingly milk is still pretty good in the Meditteranean!

We made good use of one of the stops on the bus tour.

Me as the Metro is pulling up.

We left early to get to the port to get onto our Cruise ship, The Norweigian Jewel, just in case the taxi driver couldn't find the port, as no one we asked during the week really knew where it was. We got there in record time, and since Travis is a "latitudes" member from his previous cruise, we were the first ones on the ship! We spent lots of time eating, it was a competition to see who would gain the most weight... I won with 2.4 lbs, Travis was sick so he only gained like 1 lb. SUCKA!! We explored Messina, Sicily on our own, and took bus tours to Pompeii and Rome. We both loved Rome because it is so beautiful, and because of it's history. It was cool to see the Pompeiian ruins, just to think that it hasn't been changed much since Jesus' time. After those long tours on HOT days, we didn't get off at the next stop, and then at the last port, Travis was sick so we missed that one too. But we were most excited for Rome and Pompeii so we don't regret a thing.. There is so much to do on the ship anyway!

Apparently I can't put any more pictures on... Maybe I'll try again later...

Since we were always so busy at all the ports we didn't get a chance to do any shopping.. So in our day in London I MADE Travis take me shopping amongst all the site-seeing.. So he figured he would take me to the biggest, fanciest mall in London! Sounded good to me, except when we got to Harrods, it was only big. famous, EXPENSIVE designers in that mall! I was so sad I couldn't find anything under, oh, about $1000.00, that I didn't even enjoy this fancy mall. So we rushed out of there and found some stores on the street that were more reasonable. So in all of our travels around Europe, I bought ONE SHIRT from United Colors of Bennetton. Yippee!! (It is a pretty cool shirt, though.)