Travis and Becky Fletcher: August 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Birthday Gifts!

So I finally figured out what to get Travis for his birthday, and we went and got it yesterday at future shop. And it is... a new cell phone!! I don't know why I didn't figure it out before, since his was broken. So here is the new shiny baby!
Our first priority was to get him one with an internal antena, since that is always the first thing that breaks, with his phone always in his pocket. It's fancy-schmancy and he loves it. Yay! And since I didn't spend as money as I had expected, I helped mom get his this:

Its a tent, obviously, and we got some other camping gear as well, like a blow-up mattress, a camping stove, and all that fun stuff. This stuff will definately come in handy since we are going camping this weekend!! We are leaaving on Friday, his birthday, and staying until monday for the long weekend. And since we are all slackers and just decided recently that we are going camping, we have no spots reserved for the big long weekend. Wish us luck finding a spot? We are going to need it. We are going with Trav's friends Justin and Eric, and Justin's girlfriend Mandy. And we are very excited.

In other exciting news, Travis FINALLY got a haircut!! Yes, it was almost a month ago that I blogged about him needing a haircut (I think), and yes, it just finally happened yesterday. He waited so long that it was no londer just a trim, so I didn't feel like I could tackle it, so he went to an actual hairdresser. It almost turned out disastrous though! We went to a cheap place that tries to put through as many customers in a day to make more money, so the hairdresser was in a big rush. (Even though it was a slow day and there were no customers waiting, and the other 5 hairdressers were sitting in their chairs yacking to each other.) So he gets his hair washed, and when he just tilted his head up for a second to look at me she said "I'm not done yet!" He was like.... ok?! and leaned his head back down.. No friendly chatting or anything, all business. Then when he sat in the chair she grabbed the buzzer and went to town on his head!!! It was the fastest buzzing job on the sides and back I have ever seen!! She wasn't even looking where she was going, it was rediculous! At that moment I was ready to get mad and walk out, but he had a bit of a mushroom cut at the time. Not nice. Anyway she finally relaxed and made a bit of small talk and actually took her time finishing up his head so it turned out alright. Not the best haircut, but alright. Better than it was before, anyway. Not nearly as nice as when Vic does it. Speaking of Vic, I get a free cut and colour!! I'm going to be a hair model for her in October, so I get to have a free cut and colour! Yay! I need it so bad, and I am so sick of my hair right now. I'm going to go really dark, but not black, just dark brown. I always love my hair for way longer when it is dark. When I have blonde streaks in it, like now, I get sick of it really fast. Like now. And I'm getting it shorter than I have in quite some time, to just below my shoulders. I don't think I can wait another 2 months!!

I have been looking at dogs online all week, and it turns out I have really expensive taste. I wasnt a Yorkshire Terrier sooo bad, but they are all about $1500-$2000 and up. I just might have to give up on that dream. And barely any of them sell with breeding rights, which is what I would like to do in a few years when we have kids. And the ones that do sell them for extra, and you have to make them Champions first, and take them to a whole bunch of shows and stuff. I guess we will have to see what comes up. I think we are just too poor to have a fancy purebred dog right now. But they are sooo sooo soo cute, and have awesome temperments. It may take me a while to give up on that dream.

We finally ordered our wedding print, we have been taking over 2 months deciding, and walking into our photographers studio, we were still undecided. We asked her proffessional opinion, and she liked both picks too. We both had our hearts set on a particular photo, and wouldn't budge. My choice was a bit more artistic, it was one where we were walking away from the camera down a path, and there are huge trees towering over us. It is just such a nice shot, and it looks so romantic, we are holding hands and looking at each other smiling. Walking into our future as husband and wife. Trav's choice is one along a pickett fence, we are kinda leaning against it, me leaning into him, and looking at the camera. I liked how the fence faded into the background, and at least you can see my whole dress. It is a nice shot too, none of them were bad. It was my second choice, but not a close second. Travis couldn't even understand why I would want the one I did. So I finally caved and we got his choice.. What the heck is with that?? I'm the bride, by the way. I have been dreaming of this day since i was in diapers.... You just showed up! I mean.. I'm not resentful at all. But Travis said he would get me my choice someday.. AND HE WILL.

I'm buying slipcovers for our sofas tomorrow at work, and I am excited. They are going on sale, and they are so cheap that even if we only use them for 6 months and then get new furniture, they will have served their purpose. Speaking of work, I better get to sleep so I won't be too tired tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Basement Reno's

The basement!! Since we forgot to take before pictures, just imagine the ugliest, darkest dungeon of an 80's basement imaginable. Dark wood panelling, fake brick, and bare bulb lighting. Got that image?? Ok now look on.
This is the living room. We chose white and what I like to call "contemporary white", which is basically off-white. It may be a little boring sounding, but it is just what the doctor (or designer in this case... me) prescribed(sp?). I think it is very fresh, bright, and airy.
This is the kitchen, well a corner in the kitchen. I didn't take a picture of the cupboards and appliances because we didn't change them. Still avacado green appliances and 80's dark oak cupboards. Can you hear the dissapointment in my voice? Oh and also the tiles in the kitchen which you can see are kinda sucky. But I can live with them, or rather, or rentor can live with them.
This is the bedroom, which has also been painted in the contemporary white and white. You can't really see them for the light, but there are new sconces on the wall which I really like. I love the pattern of light they cast on the wall. I think this room could use a bit of colour with a new bedspread... Thats my 2 cents.
And this is a work in progress. the bathroom. Mom here is just finishing removing the crazy blue wallpaper. We discovered mold under the lino and up the walls so dad is fixing that.
So how does this compare with the picture you had in your head??

Our House

As promised to Christy, here are some pictures of our house... Well technically Darren's and Dad's house.. but you know, the house we are renting.

This is the front of our house, Darren's car in the driveway, if you look closely, you will see Nikita in the living room window.

This is our living room, complete with couches from Trav's parents.

Our lovely Kitchen and Dining room.

The Master Bedroom! Lots of mirrors, as you can see. Take from that statement whatever you would like.

Our Bathroom.
Trav's office. The one room he can do almost whatever he wants to in. Notice all of his yet unpacked boxes.
Lastly, the Guest room. Come and stay!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

It just keeps getting better...

To quote myself from a month or two ago, when people asked me how married life was, I answered, "Great! It doesn't seem like that big of an adjustment!" This is a true statement, but I think we were doing more adjusting than we realised. We had stupid little fights about towels, and whatever else was bugging us that day. But I am pleased to tell you all that we have brought the fun back into our marriage. We are fully adjusted, and really really enjoying married life. More than ever.

Right now we are renovating the basement (well mostly mom & dad actually), and soon we will have a renter! Unfortunately we forgot to take before pictures, but after pictures should come shortly! As for before, just imagine the darkest, dingiest hole of an eighties basement, complete with tonnes of wood panelling, fake brick panelling, and orange carpet.. Oh an a moldy bathroom floor and walls. Just lovely. The reno's are getting close to being done, and it is looking very bright and cheery down there!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What to do....

Well, I know this is early, but it is my dear husbands birthday on September 1st. I have NO IDEA what to get him. Last year he got about 7 dress shirts from all of us, so I think clothes is out. He has basically all the computer crap.. err.. stuff that he needsl, and he asked for TIRES from his parents.. How boring is that?? I would never ask for tires! So that just shows you how even he doesn't know what to get himself. So have any of you wives gotten your husband something he really liked?? He got me part of my beloved camera for my last birthday, so I think I should get something pretty good, also seeing as this is his first birthday as my husband!! Oh and he never reads this so don't worry about him seeing any potential gift ideas. HELP ME!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Parents

Yesterday was my parents' 30th Wedding Anniversary! So I just wanted to take the opportunity to say congratulations to them. My parents have been wonderful examples to me. They have shown me the meaning of marriage, and how important those vows I said 2 months ago are. I felt so secure growing up, and was rest assured that my parents would always be together, no matter what trials we faced as a family, or what bumps we hit along the way. I know that with them as our example, Travis and I will be able to navigate our lives and our marriage along that same path of security and love. I just wanted to thank mom and dad for that. Dad's strong, silent nature has taught me the power of leading my life as an example for others. He is one of the most generous people I have ever met. Mom's just a little more vocal, and has she lives her life for God. I have never seen her falter in that sense. She has an inability to say no to helping the church, which means she keeps busy with VBS, she leads a women's bible study group, and helps with Library and many other tasks at church. She is just so giving. There are so many other things I could say about both mom and dad, but I could me writing forever. I am just so thankful for them.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that we are really sucky kids. With parents that giving and generous, its surprising how ungrateful we act. Mom and Dad invited us out to dinner, reminding us of the occasion. Not to say that the intent wasn't there. We were planning on having a party for them, or buying a big gift all together, or at least remembering their day, but we all failed miserably. When we didn't plan anything for their 25th anniversary, we said we would do something extra special for their 30th. Well here's hoping their 31st or at least 40th isn't a bust! Sorry mom & dad for being sucks jerks! I love you!