Travis and Becky Fletcher: December 2005

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A little update

So Pappy's surgery went well. Praise God! However, it kept bleeding around his heart after the surgery because of all the blood thinners and everything. It wouldn't stop so they had to operate on him a second time this afternoon. The outlook did not look good at that point. But he made it through that operation as well. After a few hours they took him off the anesthesia and he seems to be doing well, considering all that he has gone through in the past day. He has sure kept his sense of humour and his faith. The first thing he wrote down when he came out of it was "You guys are sad replacements for Angels"!!! I really love that guy, and am sure glad that God has decided to let us keep him for a while longer. Please continue to pray for his recovery, and thank you for his support. I'm excited to see him tomorrow.

On a side note, Toby is staying at our house in the time being, and I'm enjoying being able to spend some time with our little boy. He sure is a wired little kitty right now!!! He is running around my room pouncing on anything in sight. A downside is that my room smells like kitty litter! And kitty poop at the moment.... Do they have to cover it up for like 10 minutes spreading the litter dust around the whole room?? I just let Nikita in my room too, and I think she is about to get pounced on any minute.. she has no idea. This should be good. For those of you who know Nikita, you will be surprised to hear that she gets along with Toby!! For the most part they keep to their own little spaces, and just smell each other every so often. This is a big step for miss priss Nikita. She does try and steal Toby's food, though.. That stuff must taste a lot better than hers. Anyway, I'm going to go to sleep now.

Monday, December 26, 2005


Just over a week ago, Travis' grampa, a.k.a. Pappy, suffered a heart attack. Since then he has been in the Medicine Hat Hospital and then transferred to the Foothills hospital in Calgary. He has been waiting for open heart surgery, and quite frankly, the Canadian Health system has not been friendly to Pappy, waiting all this time, but this is not what this post is all about.

Pappy (Herf Telke) is scheduled for a quintuple bipass first thing tomorrow (tuesday) morning. It's late now and I know most of you won't read this until later, but when you read this can you please send up a little prayer?? For the surgeons and for his recovery, whenever you read this. The dangers of this surgery are quite large, because of his age, and the degree that his arteries are clogged up. 2 of the arteries were pretty well closed right up, about 80%. He suffered a heart attack 4 years ago, but has remained healthy and active, which has helped his heart develop it's own passages, which kept him around until now.

I know Pappy as well as I know my own grandparents, and love him just as well. He is so full of life, and has such a zest for God, and an abundance of knowledge and faith. He plays baseball and curls, and goes for log walks every day. The doctors just gave him a list of 9 things that generally cause heart attacks, like smoking, drinking, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, bad dieat, genetics, etc etc, and he said no to every single one of them! Pappy was a missionary in Africa for part of his life and is one of the strongest Christians I know. Trav's mom was just telling me how he lives his life with one arm in heaven. He would be happy to go to heaven right now. After his first heart attack he was a bit sad when he made it. He knew where he was going and he wanted to be with God. When we were visiting him this past week he told me this too, that he would be happy to go to heaven, but he would be sad to leave his wife behind. Poor Mammy has spent her Christmas in the hospital, but she would rather be there than anywhere else in the world. They are so cute, always holding hands, treasuring every moment they have together. They celebrated their 50th anniversary last year. I hope Travis and I still look in each other's eyes the way they do in 50 years. Pappy told me that he wants to dance at our wedding, and I want so much for him to be there. It wouldn't be the same without him. Is it selfish to want to keep him from heaven a while longer? Travis is the eldest of their grandchildren, and ours will be the first wedding. Travis came up with their names when he was little, calling them "Mammy" and "Pappy", and it stuck.

There is so much more I could say about Pappy, and Mammy, for that matter. But please pray for him in these next few days.

Not my will, Lord, but yours be done.

Monday, December 19, 2005

THE Fabric!!

So I'm finally able to get some planning done!! Mom and I went to Calgary over the weekend and had a great time! We got the fabric for the bridesmaids dresses (as shown below), and I started and finished my Christmas shopping!! We stayed at a hotel and just had good mommy-daughter time. We had THE BEST of luck for driving. I mean we were genious navigators. But no joke we would want to get to.. say Ikea from the fabric store, and we just picked a road to take and it took us straight there!! We knew it would be close.. but not rightthere close! And then when we were going to the Hotel from Ikea, again we picked a road and figured we would have to drive a couple blocks after getting to Macleod, but noo! We drove straight into the parking lot before even getting to Macleod drive! (meaning we took the exact right road by fluke!!) This happened every time we drove places. We would think we made a mistake, but it was instead a shortcut!! EVERY TIME!! Yep, I'd say we are pretty much amazing. Mom way out ate me at Lucianos!! Which I dont think has ever happened! I ordered a half order of seafood pasta (arent you proud of me Trav?) and Mom ordered this huge calzone type dealy, which was about three times the size of my pasta, and she ATE IT ALL!!! For those of you who know my mom, and me, this is amazing that she out-ate me, especially during my ican'tfillupmybottomlessbellybecauseihavePMS stage!! I was truely amazed. And the food was great. Anyways, here is a picture of the fabric!!!
It is gorgeous. The green is for the bridesmaids, and they will have a bit of the black chiffon sticking out the bottom, and Trav's sister Tanya, his groom's girl, will have the same dress in the black, with the green sticking out the bottom. I am so excited to see how they turn out. The green isn't as olive-y as it looks in the picture (on my screen anyway), it is a very nice colour, which should suit everyone's skin tones. LOVE IT.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

She told me specifically not to blog this...

So I will anyway.

Fun with nylons

We were bored and decided to put knee-highs on Nikita's legs and head.. Sounds cruel, doesn't it? This is the result. Turn the volume down because I don't like my voice or laugh in the videos. She got treats for it so I'm sure she's not scarred for life.

Upload Video at

Upload Video at

You know you should buy a parking pass when:

These are a few of my daily parking passes I used this semester. I know I live close to the college, but it was sooo cold outside!! Maybe next semester I will cave and buy a real parking pass.. We'll see. But for now, IM DONE!!!!!! Hurray for Christmas!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

SLEPT IN on test day

Don't you love the feeling of being late for a test?? My alarm went off at 6 this morning, and I let myself sleep until the next one went off in 9 minutes, but that one didn't go off!!! I woke up at 8:15 when mom came in my room asking me if I had a test today... I said yes at 8:00!!!! So I quick brushed my teeth and we ran out of the house. Thanks for the ride, mom! I was so rushed during my test, my hands were shaking. I arrived last and finished first. Luckily it wasn't too hard, and didn't take the whole class. Few!!! I wanted to wake up early and Shower and get my assignment ready to be handed in, but noooooooo!! Anyway, long story short, I got there in time and finished the test in time. After the test I went home and showered because I was disgusting.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

2 more days!!!

Well, I have only two more days of classes!!! I am done most of my assignments, and I have 3 tests left to do! It's so close, I can finally see the light!! So, all of you who so religiously check my blog, I shall return to the blogging scene shortly. Sorry I have been such a slacker lately. Well, Blogging slacker, that is.

Travis came down this weekend, and we had a great time. As usual, there was a lineup of people waiting to hang out with us. Funny how there's no lineup when it's just me at home! I must admit, Travis is a really great guy to be around. So we went bowling, went out for supper, and went hot-tubbing at Trav's with some great friends of ours. I love being around friends but it is hard to share Travis. Anyway, be sure to check in the next few days for posts a-plenty!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Close ups.

Read the post below first!!! Then come back to this! Sorry some of the pictures are blurry. Maybe some day I will fix them up in picasa, but for now, I have an essay thats due tomorrow that I havent started yet!! Hope you enjoy!

Sel de la Terre

It feels SOO GOOD to be done something I've worked on all semester!! Without further adieu, Here are some pictures of my French Restaurant, Sel de la Terre (Salt of the Earth). I'll start with just pictures of the general layout, then put in some close ups. There is a loose piece of paper behind them, ignore it.

Restaurant pictures coming soon

So, the Restaurant is due tomorrow!! I'm all done the rendering, all I have to do tonight is put it together!!! So I will try to post some pictures late night tonight, if not tomorrow.

Monday, December 05, 2005

A little glimpse??

So for those of you who have noticed Travis' new post, that is a glimpse into his little secret language. In answer to your question Christy, he copied and pasted it. So not quite as geeky. And then I went back and took out the swearing ones. Travis, of course, not not use the swearing ones, but did not bother to take them out of the list. I refuse to have profanities on my blog! heehee. So last night he found some "forums" and was sending me pictures which he thought were HILARIOUS, but I of course didn't get it. They were quite the opposite. Pretty dumb. It was quite the entertaining phone call. Anyways, Have a good day! ONE MORE WEEK!!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Randomness by Travis

Gaming terms 101
Just because this is so funny that someone actually took the time to type all these out, I'd thought for interests sake I should post it! And I know most of you out there should "come to terms" with the electronic world... LOL. Becky just told me girls only read this. So ladies this is a sneak preview of the language I hear on a daily basis... Have fun! :P

gg - good game wp - well played gl - good luck gj - good job gjt - good job team gadl/goadl - go after download rofl - rolling on floor laughing lmao - laughing my arse off lol - laugh out loud roflmao - rolling on floor laughing my arse off pmsl - pissing myself laughing noob/nub/n00b/newb - new player to a game (often used as an insult to suggest the player is not very good) owned - obliterated in a game pwned - same as owned but abit more raped - same as both above hf - have fun nade - grenade ftw - for the win vent - ventrillo ts - teamspeak imo - in my opinion rl - real life irl - in real life idk - i dont know idc - i dont care btw - by the way tbh - to be honest afk - away from keyboard aka - also known as bg - bad game asl - age sex location bbq - barbique (nothing rly to do with this but i shove it in anyway) mu - match up pvp - player vs player exp - expansion (can either mean game expansion or new base in rts games) expo - expansion (same as above) lvl - level mmo - masivly multiplayer rpg - role playing game mmorpg - masivly multiplayer role playing game rts - real time stratrgy fps - first person shooter tbg - text based game tbs - turn based stratrgy char - charicter ah - auction house (found on some mmorpg's) re - recreate/rejoin rm - remake ng - new game nore - no rematch cba - cant be arsed (remember at last min lmao) uber - super/great micro - unit micromanagement macro - managing resources leet/1337/l33t - elite (very good) or the gamers language. ns - nice shot gf - good fight nt - nice try gt - good try tba - to be announced ty - thank you ttyl - talk to you later brb - be right back bbl - be back later j/k - joke oj - only joking noobified/noobificated - skills have gone/turned crap w00t - we owned other team nr - no rush no rush - no attacking early in game.. if followed by a number means no attacking until the time stated has ended. tk - team kill pk - player kill lfg - looking for group lfc - looking for clan tank - in mmo means a unit to lure enemys and take damage. hax/haxor - hacker hs - headshot walled - shot through wall rj - rejoin (actually person who said below re also often means rejoin)

Friday, December 02, 2005


I haven't blogged about Travis in a while, so I thought it was about time. I don't know why that is, he is all I think about. Probably because I never see him anymore.

Although we are going through the happiest time in our life as a couple so far, we are also experiencing the hardest time to date. I am SO HAPPY that we are engaged, I had been wanting this for the longest time, and nagged him probably every day for.. a year and a half?? I am so excited to start our lives together in 189 days. Thats 6 months and 8 days. he proposed in probably the most romantic way in the world. It was so perfect for us as a couple, and he thought of me so much. He was so cute and made sure that I had keepsakes of the day, ie: flower petals, the poem and notes he wrote me, etc, ect. If you want to read the whole story, check out our wedding website. I know that God has put us both on the earth to fulfill each others dreams, and to complete each other.

I feel like these past 7 months that he has been gone, I have been a robot. I can feel that my emotions have been turned off, or on hold. I feel empty without my Trav. This time apart has definately taken a toll on us as a couple, but I know this void will be filled when we can be together again. I feel like a bad friend, because I have a hard time having fun or connecting when I have sadness inside me. I'm sorry I sound so depressed. I hope I havent brought any of you down with me.

I haven't seen Trav in 3 weeks now, please pray that he gets a seat on the SunCor jet next weekend. Baby I love you so much and I can't wait until we can have our life back!

My habits:

I was inspired by Christy to write a post about my embarassing habits. Here goes.

I like to have all the things I use daily VISIBLE, and within reach. This includes all my makeup, face wash, etc. etc. To the utter disgust of my mother. I finally have everything in its place right where I like it and then... It all gets shoved into the drawer and spills everywhere or set against the wall... That is not where I like it! I tell myself that when I have my own house I will keep it neat and tidy like Tiff's house, but I know that won't last long.

I, too, live out of a laundry basket. The clothes in there are the clothes I like, and like to wear, which is why they were being washed in the first place. The stuff in my closet gets forgotten.

When I get changed, I throw my clothes on a chair, and they stay there. I have good intentions of wearing them again, or putting them away, but then they get wrinkly and I put them in the wash, which leads me to my next point:

Sometimes I put things in the laundry just because they are wrinkly, and I dont feel like ironing them. Many times it is shirts I put on in the morning but change my mind in 5 seconds. Sometimes I also put things in the laundry pile (yes, mom still soo nicely does my laundry) when they need to be mended. I forget to do it myself and then they get washed, put back in my room, and when I go to put it on again I realise it's not fixed and... put it back in the laundry pile... its a vicious cycle.

I many times wear the same thing 2 days in a row, if I will see different people (ie school vs. work). I wear the same pair of jeans almost every day. I love them.

I no longer bite my nails, but did for years. Now I pick at my hangnails and make them worse.

I set my alarm half an hour to an hour early so I can press it a few times and feel like I get more sleep, although I actually get less. I am also paranoid that my alarm won't go off so I set both my radio alarm and cell phone alarm.

I don't pick my nose, but I pick the wax out of my ears.. Pretty gross, isn't it? I also pop my zits and blackheads, as well as Travis', if he will let me. I like to pick out the ingrown hairs from his beard and my legs. (he does the same to me, but not my beard...)

Speaking of beards.. I have 2 chin hairs!! ahh and they scare me!! I keep a close eye on them and make sure they don't grow so much that people will see them! But now you all know about them so what the heck?

I RARELY shave my legs especially in the winter, but always shave my armpits.. Even in the winter when I always wear long sleeved shirts!

I procrastinate on everything.. Homework, waking up, cleaning, you name it.

I say I will go places with groups of people and then don't. I know this is horrible of me, but I feel bad saying no in the first place, even though I know in the end I will be too busy or just not feel like it when the time comes. I do not do this, however, with my close friends.

I am forgetful. Especially when it comes to remembering to bring stuff for people.

I would love to not work a day in my life.. It has never been a goal of mine to be super successfull. Sucess to me is having a family that I love and cherish.

I bottle up my emotions. It is hard for me to talk about my feelings to anyone. The person I most trust with my thoughts and hurts is Travis.

I hate confrontation, and avoid it at all costs. This is mostly because I am so bad with words and expressing myself and explaining myself, which is a direct result of the previous admittal.

Sometimes when I am really mad and trying to get mad at someone, My face smiles on me!! Stupid face. I guess I wasn't meant to get mad.

I try to get as much free stuff as I can out of my parents, well, my mom. Pretty greedy, isn't it? I should really work on that.

If someone tries to force me to, ie. mom or Trav, I hate apologizing. HAH this sounds bad, I usually apologize quite quickly! But if, for instance, Travis and I have an argument and I know I was in the wrong, and HE knows I was in the wrong, and wants me to say sorry, it is a hard task for me.

And the one I have almost fixed: I used to gossip a bit. I don't know why, whether I thought it made me cool or what, but I have since mended this problem. I still have the urge if someone is really bothering me, but I have been sooooo good lately!!! (If I do say so myself)

I should stop.. I hope you all had the patience to read this long post! It kinda got away on me. I feel as open as a book right now.