Travis and Becky Fletcher: October 2006

Thursday, October 26, 2006

OUR Story

I'm hopping on the bandwagon. That, and I figured you would all love to hear about something other than our darling Chloe.

In the summer between grade 11 and 12, I worked at a Banquet Hall, Country Kitchens Catering. One day, I think it was a friday night, my friend Kristin and I decided to go cruising after work. This was a very popular activity for young Lethbridge-ites. We stopped at IGA, the hottest spot to stop, and saw a group of people we knew, so we talked to them. And guess who was there.... you guessed it, Travis. I had known of him from Youth Group, but, since he's about 3 years older than me, we had never really hung out or connected before then. Neither of us can figure this out. We knew a lot of the same people. Moving on. Travis ha just been asked by a friend of his to be on a float in the Lethbridge parade the next day. So, Travis asked Kristin and I, and we said yes. Kristin chickened out so I so bravely went by myself, a big step for a shy girl like me! I also gave him my "number", which, at the time, was my mom's cell phone number. The float we were on was for a hot tub company, so... I was in a Bikini. No wonder he fell for me!! I knew right away that Travis was something special. I remember getting on the float and not wanting the other girl who was with us to sit by him, so I stuck myself right in the middle. We talked the whole time. Again, a big step for a shy girl. Travis told me that he was moving to Edmonton the next week to study Computer Science at the U of A.

The float finally came back to its starting point in the parking lot at the mall. As we were walking back to our cars, as cheesy as it sounds, I knew I couldn't let him get away. So I called back at him, "Travis.... do you want to do something later?" and we both say that our hearts skipped a beat. He of course said yes, and we went on our first date that night, a movie, Blue Crush.

Travis moved to Edmonton, and attended University. Luckily, Christy and Dustin were in Edmonton, and were expecting little Benjamin. So mom and I went up to Edmonton a few times in expectation of Benny and when he was actually born. Travis so nicely hung out with my family and newborn baby Ben. OK this part of the story is getting really long. We are only about two weeks into "meeting" each other. Speeding it up now. One weekend when Travis was down in Lethbridge, we watched Monsters Inc at his parent's house. During that fateful night, we held hands for the first time, after much flirting, friendship, emails and phone calls. When I went home that night he asked me on their driveway, "So do you want to try the long distance thing?" So romantic. And try we did.

Travis and I racked up HUGE phone bills, which truely amazed my mom as she could hardly get 2 words out of me. We talked almost every day from 10 until who knows when, sometimes 3 or 4 in the morning.

I convinced Trav to transfer to U of L here in Lethbridge, and we continued our relationship. I think it was about right after I graduated from High School that I started asking Travis when we were getting married.

2 WHOLE years after that, on April 30th, 2005, it finally happened. Travis asked me in a wonderful, romantic way in beautiful waterton. It was filled with scooter rides, yummy meal, and a treasure hunt around Waterton, ending on a hillside, with lots of rose petals, some of them spelling out "Will You Marry Me?" on a BIG rock.

The next year was one of the hardest, AND most wonderful years in my life. It was SO hard being away from Travis for so long, but it was also wonderful knowing that we would be married soon, and I was planning the wedding of my dreams.

We were married just four and a half months ago, on June 10, 2006. It was a beautiful day, and my dreams came true. And now we are Married. And on August 8 Chloe was born!! (you knew I couldn't leave her out!)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Does this sweater make my butt look big??

Yes, Chloe. That cute little argyle sweater does make your bum look a little bit big, but it's just your hair. You have fat hair, like the mammoth on Ice Age. BUT, with its pink and purple colour, and little hearts, it also makes you look 10 times cuter, if that was at all possible. You shall wear said argyle sweater until it cuts off your circulation to your derierre.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Potty Training

So, as you might guess from the title, we are in the midst of potty training Chloe. It has been, well, trying. We thought it would be nice to have her sleep on our bed, which it is very nice, until we wake up in the morning to find her on the floor, and about six runny poops in the kitchen. I don't know why that lasted over a week. So now we are putting her in her little caged off area with her kennel, potty pads and food. There is a lot less poops around the house, but she wakes up every two hours whining. It may not sound like it, but I really do love her. And she is getting a lot better. We all have to learn, I guess. And she is ever so cute and fun. I wouldn't trade her for all the potty trained dogs in the world.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The BEST little Yorkie in the world.

I'm a proud mama. Chloe has been so good and she gets cuter every day as we get to know her personality. She gets along really well with Toby. they run around chasing each other and fighting, and she loves the cat, even though he bites her too hard sometimes. We have Nikita now since mom is in BC with Christy, and Dad is going hunting tomorrow. She is so mad at me for replacing her. She is pouting and hiding in the corner. All the time. I feel bad for her.

I had the priveledge of taking my friends' engagement pictures this week, and they turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. I was pretty worried about them, but Anali seems to like them, so I am happy! I put a couple of them on our flickr site, so feel free to have a look! I think I am going to be SUPER nervous to take their wedding photos, because we can do retakes on engagement pictures another day, but its pretty hard to do wedding retakes! I have until August to practice. Christy sure has taught me a lot, talking one-on-one sure beats reading a manual a few times! Maybe she can come down for a visit and be my back-up photographer??

Is Chloe not the cutest? I gush about her at work. I know I'm pathetic, no need to tell me. She is my way of waiting a few years for a real baby. So let me baby her. It's weird to think that she may never grow to be the size of a newborn baby. Oh and does anyone have an un-neutered male Yorkie that wants to stud him out in 2 years? Chloe needs a boyfriend.

Monday, October 09, 2006

My life is richly blessed

This weekend, I have eaten like a king, gotten a shwack load of wicked furniture that looks AMAZING in our house (the only pictures I have were taken in sucky lighting just now so I will wait until I have better ones to show you), and lets not forget our new puppy!! We have been trying a few names on for size, first she was Carly, then she was Daisy, and right now we are trying Chloe. The other names just didn't feel right coming out, you had to think of it, you know? And Chloe just kept coming to my head when I was trying to call her.. so thats what she is for the time being.. I think she is getting very confused, which I hope is the reason she pooped on the floor. Why does she think we keep bringing her out every half hour? Just to play so that she can come inside to do her business? I don't think so. The breeders said she knows how to use a doggy door, but I don't think it would be a good idea to have a doggy door out to the front yard, into the street. I have to leave her tomorrow while I go to work, and its going to be so sad! It was hard enough leaving for an hour to go to church!! But, with Trav's schedule, she will only be home alone for about 4 hours. She's a little angel.

So, as you can see, I have so much to be thankful for. Family, food, health, a WONDERFUL hubby, a puppy, new furniture.... what a great week.

Blogger won't upload photos, (surprise surprise) so check our flickr site!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


YAY!!! Christy, Trav and I went to Calgary yesterday to finally load up on MY stuff at Ikea.. well I guess Trav's and my stuff, but anyway... And Christy had to come too to exchange Megans sheets for the right size. We had an awesome drive together, I realised how much I really am like my sister, even though we rarely see each other. We kept saying the same thing at the same time etc. etc. I love her. And on the way back we looked at some puppies!! The first place we stopped at had some Bijon Frise cross Yorkies, and they were pretty cute, but they looked pretty Mutt-ish, and skragly(sp), and I just didnt like the idea of not knowing what they would look like when they grew up. Travis was SO SURPRISED that I was able to say no to some cheap puppies! He thought they were pretty cute. So then further down the road, in Clareholm we stopped and saw some Yorkies. And I saw them before we even stepped in the door and just KNEW that it was the right one for me. I knew I would have that feeling. Like meeting Travis for the first time... You just know, you know? So we fell in love with this little girl:

Hard to believe, but she is EVEN CUTER in person. She has been the best puppy EVER, even though we have only had her for a day. She slept so quietly and nicely on our bed last night, didnt even make a peep. And I was greeted with puppy kisses this morning. We left her in the bathroom while we were in church, but she somehow climbed on her kennel and then into the bathtub and couldn't get out! So she was cold and wet when we got home! I felt so bad. So we went to Petland and got her a little fence thing to keep her somewhat contained while we are gone to work. My cousin Angella got us an amazing discount!

Anyway, we need your help. We can't think of a name!! We had kinda called her Carly yesterday, but as I was falling asleep last night I just wasn't feeling it. Sounds too much like Carl. Some other options are Emma, Bailey (except then we would be copying April), oh, and Christy put in a suggestion that Travis loves and I HATE.... Puddin'.... as in Yorkshire Puddin'... As in PUD for short.. YUCK!! So we are really at a loss... Any suggestions?? I want something girly, not too long, and Trav seems to prefer the names that end in a Y. And the reward if you suggest the best name?? Satisfaction and pride. And having our little girl named that name. Name away!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I know, I know.. I should really post the pictures I promised. I haven't gotten many good pictures of either my hair or the bed, but here is what I have:

I love them both so much!! Although I must admit that the shade of brown on the throw at the end of the bed is looking a little purple in this picture... whatever, you get the idea, the duvet cover is gorgeous! Thanks Chris! More pictures coming on the flickr site!