Travis and Becky Fletcher: May 2007

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We made it!

Well Travis and I made it here to Calgary in one piece... Unfortunately, I can't say the same for our Brand Spanking New couches. There was some miscommunication which led to Travis believing they were tied down properly and.. well, the loveseat bounced out of the truck on the Lethbridge hill. I was following (not too close, thankfully), and it all happened in slow motion. On a teeny tiny bump the loveseat just bounced out and landed on its arm, and flipped over onto the the bottom, and slid. I slammed on the brakes and honked, hoping Travis would hear me (which he didn't).. and I pulled onto the shoulder, partially blocking the couch, whipped on my hazards, and called Travis, shaking like I've never shaked before. This is how the conversation went:
Travis: "ARE YOU OK??" (So concerned it had hit me, good hubby)
Me: "Yeah but turn around!!! It's in the middle of the road!"

I won't tell you the rest, I was shaken up and scared, and used some choice words.. Not a whole lot, but lets just say I wasn't very patient with Travis. So then I ran out and pulled the loveseat onto the Shoulder as well, and the traffic was getting a little heavier (I broke a nail! the nerve). And then I saw the big tear/road burn on the very front of the arm. Then I cried. So when Travis arrived again we loaded it back up, drove about 30km/h to the farm, and strapped them up REAL GOOD. I guess we won't be returning them after all... But we called Visa and are trying to get them to cover us for the damage, as they have a 90 day accidental damage policy.. But they were cranky on the phone. But anyway, they are sending a form and we'll see what happens.

The move has gone really well. Mom & dad moved seriously almost ALL of our stuff in as we had to stay for part of Derek's grad Saturday night. And if you know my dad, you know that he can't wait to start stuff, things should be done YESTERDAY. There was still a bit of construction to be done, so we set up our bed on the floor and put all our stuff and boxes in the center of the rooms. The painter came in yesterday and finished, so we could put all of our furniture into place. We didn't have a working shower yet, so went and showered at Trav's sister Tanya's house. But this morning they finished the upstairs shower so it will be ready to use by tonight! We will just have to intrude on Arlynd and Jen's space a little bit until the shower down here is done. It is a bit more complicated, with about 7 heads and steam and a very programmable thingy.. which is the problem right now I think. But it will come in time.. and then they will be using this shower.

Living with Travis' cousins definately has its perks... Travis got a 2 hour long massage last night, from Arlynd, and he feels so much better. Mine had better be coming up soon! The only crappy thing so far is Chloe's bathroom situation. She is used to the large backyard full of grass, but this backyard has no grass, and it has a pond which she jumped in by accident the first night thinking it was ground! So now she is scared of the backyard, and very distracted by cars and people in the front yard. It is getting better, though. She also jumped into the glass door, thinking it was open. Now THAT was funny. She was embarrassed though, poor girl.

Pictures to come soon. My laptop crashed again so I have to try and get everything back on here.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Problem Possibly Solved

So Trav and I went to the Brick, and looked at the couches again. In the store, they do NOT look pink! So I think it might just be the lighting in this house. So we talked to the lovely saleslady (and the annoying salesman from the first trip who wouldn't leave us alone) and we got them to extend the 7-day return period to 14 days for us. So we will be able to see if they look better in the new house when we move (on SATURDAY.... YIKES!!). So the problem is at least put on hold for a while. So I hope they look great in the new place!

Speaking of moving, packing SUCKS BUTT. And we are going to need to find storage (hopefully at the parents' houses) for the stuff that may not fit yet, or is too much work to move at this time. (Like Trav's HUGE tool chest) But things are coming along nicely. I would say we are about 70% packed. But I'm sure there is probably more lurking around somewhere. Wish us luck!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Big Fat Jerk

SOoooooo the sofa saga continues. Now that we have the new new ones in our house... well.... I don't know if I'm being too picky or what but.... They look pink. When we were in the store I thought it was the fluorescent lights, but they look kinda dusty rose in our house in certain lights. This is tearing me up on the inside. Horribly. Am I being too picky??? Or should I be picky when spending about $2000??? I want to love these forever. And it really isn't too bad, but the designer in me wants them to be perfect. We have to decide by Thursday, the brick gives a week long period to change your mind. But this is getting rediculous. Mom, I am SO SORRY. I'm having Tiff over right away to help me decide whether they are too pink or not. Or maybe we should just go to the Brick tomorrow and do it while my parents are camping. And not even tell them. I feel sick about this though... I mean... 3 sofas???? Please tell me I'm not crazy. I really need any advice I can get. Should I be picky?? Or should I just suck it up and learn to love these ones. I mean, they look good with no sunlight!

I had better get 20 comments.
New couches? Again?
Be picky and get new ones
Suck it up and get used to the pink free polls

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New couches, new place to live!

Last week, my mom so nicely bought us some fancy schmancy bi-cast leather couches for my birthday/moving/trav's grad/etc!! We both LOVED the look of them and were so happy. This is what they looked like:

Nice, eh? We were so proud. I spent an hour conditioning the leather and admiring our amazing find. And then about 30 minutes passed and we realised that the pets nicely jumping up was pretty much GOUGING the leather. Crap. We tried to keep them off, but they were both so sad from being yelled at and not knowing what they were doing wrong. Plus, whats the point of having such a cute puppy if you are not able to cuddle on the couch?? So in two days they looked like crap. I mean, nothing should scratch that easily. We were nervous just sitting on them because any seam of button on your pants can scratch them. I didn't want to tell mom that we wanted to return them, because it was such a nice gift, but it had to be done. So yesterday we went to the brick and had a HECK OF A TIME trying to return them. I mean we bought a 5 year warranty on them, and etc etc.... They weren't budging, because we got them on sale. Retarded. But finally with mom almost crying, me arguing with the guy at mach(sp) speed, and Travis standing firm, the guy finally budged. YAY!! So Travis and I spent a little extra, a lot of time, and picked out these microfiber babies:

Well, not exactly these, we were SO TEMPTED to get the aqua colour. I LOVE LOVE the colour, and Travis does too. But we both know that it is a trendy colour and that in a few years we would regret that choice. So we got the couch and loveseat and a nice taupe colour! And we will accent with this aqua. So we promised the nice lady at the Brick that we would spread the word that they did us well. We pick them up tomorrow! And bring these peices of ..... back.

On Monday Travis and I went to Calgary to look for a place to live. A few tears later, we found a place!!! The first place we went to see was a small basement suite for $1000..... I got depressed really fast because it was A HOLE.... A the whole drive to Calgary I had been calling place after place after place and they were either already rented, no pets allowed, or not able to show us that day, or just plain too expensive. Travis called up his cousin, who has a house in Calgary that he is renovating, and we asked him if we could rent his place. Good idea, he thought, since they are rarely there, and not making any money on it now, but he would check with his wife. She loved the idea! So we drove over there and had a look. It's still under construstion but very close to being finished. The contractor said he would have it all cleaned up in two weeks when we want to move in. Its very lovely and fancy. And affordable. A real answer to prayer. So we move in two weeks! Lots of packing to come.

Monday, May 07, 2007

My Birthday!

It's my birthday today! It has been wonderful. I woke up to breakfast in bed (golden grahams!! yum!), and a dvd game of "Deal of no Deal", and perfume!! I also got cake at work today. Travis took me to the Keg tonight and we had a wonderful, delicious meal. I am still stuffed. The new Keg is AMAZING. Gorgeous, great food as always. I have such a great hubby.
I am getting really excited about my new job. Everyone at my current work has been so supportive and helpful. But I'm still excited to not work there. I would also like to say congratulations to my brother, Dan, who got his dream job as a fireman/EMR in Sherwood Park! I'm so excited to be able to live close to them again, and see them more. Christy and Dustin, its time you gave Alberta another shot!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This is me

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I got a job!!

Yesterday mom & I went to Calgary for me to go to an interview at McCrums. ( ) The interview went really well, both ladies (HR and Design dept. leader) were super nice. They said I probably wouldn't hear back until next week sometime. But I got a message on my cell today asking me to call them back about being offered a position with them! So I'm calling in the morning. Yay! The showrooms (they have FIVE showrooms) were SO FANCY, ant it sounds like I would really enjoy the job. So I am so excited. I have been so done with retail and Linens N Things for.... well, FOREVER.

I am also very nervous. The start date is June 1st (I think), so we have only a month to find somewhere to live. I'd love to buy a townhouse and be done moving for a while, but we might need to scrounge up some financing... We will see what happens I guess. Worse comes to worse we can rent somewhere (which is hard with pets) or stay at some relatives for a short time until we find something. Anyone renting out or selling a place in Calgary??