Travis and Becky Fletcher: February 2006

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The first thing to come to mind

So I really don't have anything to blog about today. So I will make a top ten about.... Travis!! Surprise surprise! Not in order of rank, just the order in which they come to mind.

  1. His soft blue eyes. They aren't bright blue but aren't grey.. and so so kind.
  2. His chest hair! haha I never thought I'd be saying that. I always thought I didnt like body hair, but I really like Travis' ample chest hair. I asked him to shave it off once just to see, and he looked like a little boy. It's just the right amount, too. Not too thick, not too thin. And no back hair! Thats a big plus!
  3. His soft hands. Even though he always refuses lotion, and sometimes works on the farm, he still has soft, supple hands. They are so nice to hold.
  4. The way he always makes an effort to call people by name. I don't even know if he does this on purpose or not, but he always does it, and calling someone by name just makes them feel important, including me.
  5. The way his voice gets kinda high and really fast when he gets excited, telling a story about something funny that happened.
  6. His faith and knowledge of God and the bible. He has really strengthened me in my walk with God, and always knows the right answers.
  7. The way he looks at me. His eyes tell me so much. I can tell that he thinks I'm beautiful, and I can almost feel him looking into my soul.
  8. His voice. It is so comforting to just hear him speak, no matter what it is. I can't go to sleep without calling him and hearing him tell me that he loves me. Can't wait to do that in person! And with his voice come his laugh. So warm and fun. Love it.
  9. I haven't met a single person who has met him that hasn't thought the world of him. He is so kind to everyone and so outgoing and friendly. What's not to like?
  10. His lips. They are soft, but in a manly, chapstick-less kind of way. The little bump he has in his bottom lip from some little surgery. Its so little nobody can notice it unless they are close enough to kiss him;) . And with his lips come his kissing skillz. Top notch!

And a few things I could live without:

  1. His arguing skills. They are too good! I rarely win an argument. Being the youngest, most spoiled of us 4 kids (yes I do admit it), I had never developed such skills. But I am learning.
  2. His idea to get a co-op job in Fort McSucky. Yeah, a year won't be so bad, will it, Travis?? YES IT WILL!
  3. Thats all I can think of.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The shoes

These are my gorgeous eyelet ballet flats that I will be wearing. Don't get your hopes up, this is the ONLY part of my wedding day wardrobe you will be seeing until AFTER the wedding. Cute, eh?
These are the shoes for Christy, Tiff, and Tanya. Funny angle, but you get the idea. Please ignore the hammer toes and my toenails that should be trimmed. And the leg hair if you look closely. Now that I said that you probably will look closer. Anyway, you likey?? If you don't, I'm keeping yours after you wear them for the wedding, 'cause I LOVEY!
And last but not least, these are Amanda's shoes. Very similiar to the other girls' but a teensy bit different, because they didn't have "size 10 fat" as Amanda said her shoe size was. No size 10 at all. I hope you like these babies! Amanda, if you have doubts, you can go to a Le Chateau in Edmonton and see what they look like on your feet, or if they have a 10 in the other ones and we can return these pretty babies. But I don't think anyone will know that yours are a little different.

It's been one of those days...

A good day, that is!!! Mom and I got SO MUCH accomplished!!! First, we went to the florists, and were quite opinionated without knowing exactly what we want, causing her to have to do a lot of homework and having another meeting with us in March. They (the flowers) are going to be GORGEOUS!! Even though we don't know exactly what they will look like or what kinds of flowers they are, she knows what we want and will do an excellent job. She did Christy's flowers which were absolutely gorgeous! Anyway, after that we went to the mall and finally found shoes and jewelry for the bridesmaids (and groomsgirl)!!! And shoes for me!! I love them all, soo cute. Travis will be glad, mine are flat. And oh-so-cute. Then we went to the Lodge and talked menus with the their event coordinator, and got our reception kinda organized! Then we went back to the mall and met Tiff at Le Chateau to actually purchase the shoes. Tiff and I went to Canadian Tire and found her a kitchen sink, and some faucets for HER NEW HOUSE!!! We went there and it is sooo cute!! I am so jealous! It's a gorgeous little older house that has a porch out front, and beautiful big moldings everywhere.. So much character. You just don't get that in new houses. The house is all being renovated right now and it will be so nice. And she'll be on the South side now, so she's was closer to me! (although Trav and I will probably be moving to the West side... Oh well Lethbridge isn't that big anyway) So it was a really good day. I'm feeling much better about all the wedding plans now. A very good week.

Tomorrow I am going to the eye doctor to get my eyes checked. I hope that will explain my daily headaches lately! It sucks! Everyday around 2:00 I get a headache! So dumb. Although at the same time I hope I don't need glasses because I don't want to be wearing glasses on my wedding day, and the idea of touching my eyes creeps me out. I guess I will have to get used to it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Reading week is halfway over already??

I can't believe its already Wednesday night! So far, we have gotten a lot accomplished this week. We have ordered the invitations, gotten most of the addresses, we went to yet ANOTHER bridal show... I am SO done with those... so much the same and so boring, we didnt even stick around to see if I won anything this time. Tomorrow we are ordering the flowers, and picking out a menu. I went to the doctor today and got some pills.. of the contraception type.. all these pregnancies reminded me that we do not want a honeymoon baby! Honeymoon being the whole "honeymoon" stage of a marriage, ours hopefully 3 years. I really miss Travis a lot. My mind has kinda blocked that out lately, but my heart still feels so empty without him here. ony 57 more days until he comes home!!! (about,) and 107 days until we get married!! (exactly.)

I hope this doesn't happen again...

This is a picture of my ankle, or "CANKLE", when we got back from Mexico. You are probably wondering why it looks like a big marshmellow. I got an allergic reaction to some sort of bugs when we were on our zipline tour in the jungle on the second last day. Well, the reaction didn't occur until the plane ride home, but it really freaked me out!! I mean, I usually have very boney ankles. I was very surprised to look down on the plane and see the ankles of a 400 pound beluga/person! After a day or two, the swelling went down and I was back to my normal ankle size. Long story short, I hope that wherever we go for our honeymoon, there are none of these mystery bugs, because we do not get along. I like definition between my ankles and calves!! No Cankles for the honeymoon, thank you very much!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Some pictures to tide you over....

So what if I'm a bit of a narcissist? Just thought I'd remind you all who this blog is about... ME!! I dont have much to say except that it is officially READING WEEK!!! No reading involved at the Vriend's this week, ladies and gents! Just good, old fashioned wedding planning. Which is way more fun!!
I love this picture of Nikita in her cute little sweater. I can just hear her giving that sute little sigh she does when she's trying to sleep but I keep bugging her. It's a tough life, isn't it, girl? I added the soft focus just to give her a more "heavenly" look... which she deserves.

So, on another note, I thought I'd fill you in on the new school projects. They are just getting started, so don't expect pictures until at least April 21st. I'm designing a spa, called Bay Breeze. It is very classy, and calm.. I'd write more but I just finished writing like 15 pages about it.. Lots of white marble and curves and ocean inspired. I'm also designing an office, INOVA, and they are a marketing firm. They are a cutting-edge company so I'm using crisp colours, and bright splashes of orange and hot pink... very energetic to get the creative juices flowing. That is all before I bore you all with other design terminology. I look forward to April 21 when I will be pretty well done school forever!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day to us.

So, Valentines Day has come and gone (almost). Our first, and only, Valentines Day as an engaged couple. As I sit here, I have so much to look forward to. There's the wedding planning, which, when I have time to do it, I am enjoying thouroughly! Then, there's the end of school, FOREVER!! And quickly thereafter, TRAVIS COMES HOME!!! And of course, only a month and a week after that, we get MARRIED!! Can you believe it's only 115 days away?? I sure can't. Thats only 15 days away from what I said would be the PANIC POINT!! When we first got engaged, I remember saying to Travis, when we had 400 days to go, that when the countdown was down to 100 days left, that I would be panicked. And that most things should be done by then. Well, most things aren't done! I am not panicked yet, but a bit stressed. I know it will all come together, and the important thing is that we are getting married that day. Everything else is just extras. Although I would love the gorgeous wedding I have dreamed of ever since I was 6 and held my t-shirts on my head like a veil, and paraded around my room being a bride, and always "marrying" my barbies (which I played with far too long). Although I only had girl barbies, so one of the girls had to pretend to be a boy. Mom thought it was bad to have boy barbies... Who knows why. All that to say I want a nice wedding, as anyone does. But for cheap!!

Anyways, I just wanted to say a little something about my Valentine. He put up with my whining to buy me an engagement ring for at least 2 years before he finally caved. He kept telling me that the time would come and that I would forget about the long wait. Well, Travis, you were right. Always the level-headed one, that guy. This wait, too, shall pass, and when it is over we will say again how quickly this year has passed. To tell you the truth, it has already gone by very quickly. Can you beleive it has already been 9 and a half months? Just 2 and a half to go for that countdown! Travis is an unbeleivably romantic guy. He really is. I grew up watching my dad be the least romantic a guy could ever be. I mean, he bought my mom a toilet seat, a tool belt, and a GUN for christmas and birthday gifts!! Can you believe that?? Mom NEVER EVER gets flowers, except on secretaries day, when she gets the leftovers from dad's office. That poor girl! In the 3 and a half years Travis and I have been together, he has blessed me with flowers on quite a few occasions, surprise treasure hunts, thoughtful gifts, fancy dates, love letters, mix cd's, and not to mention THE BEST PROPOSAL EVER!! He is a great, sensitive guy, with great looks, to boot! I hope our kids get his handsome baby blues. And his big heart, and thirst for knowledge and faith. I look up to him so much. So far, about half of our relationship has been long distance, and I cannot wait for this stage of our lives to be taken over by the wonderful world of marriage. A world where we can be with each other as much as we like, and not have to say goodbye, even at night. A world where there are fights, but there are new happy times. So many new things to learn about my Trav. Does he hog the bed? Does he keep the house clean? Does he snore? I have heard him talk, or rather yell, in his sleep, when we stayed at Dan and Amanda's house, all together in the basement. To fill you in, he even dreams about computer games!!! I also know that Travis falls asleep very quickly. He calls the couch at my house the "sleepy couch", and almost as soon as he lays down on it, he is twitching while he falls asleep. Will I find these traits annoying or endearing? Will I get sick of being woken up by screams about comptuer games, twitching, and having to wash the pillowcases twice as much because of all the drool? Or will I find these traits cute and loveable, and keep a journal of all the things he says in his sleep? Only time will tell, I guess. Travis, I love you so much and can't wait for 75+ years of married Valentines days. You are my perfect match. And I thank God for you every day.

Monday, February 13, 2006

My Fatty

Now I know most of you reading that title are probably thinking... "fatty?? Who is she calling a fatty?"
Fatty is a term of endearment "invented" by Travis and his sister, and their 2 cousins. It has nothing to do with being overweight or plump. Right now, there are 4 fatties, numbered, even. Travis is fatty #1, becase he is the oldest. I can't remember if Chantelle or Candice is fatty #2, since they are twins. nonethless they are fatties #2 and 3. Tanya, Trav's sister, is fatty #4. Chantelle is marrying Dean in May, and since he will be the next to be officially in the family, he will be fatty #5. Finally, in June, I will officially be fatty #6!!!

Moving on, I was supposed to be talking about Travis. I noticed that I rarely blog about him anymore. This is wierd, since he is literally all I ever think about. I can't even tell you how much I love him. There is no measure, but I'm sure most of you know this, as many of you readers are married or engaged. I finally got to see him again this weekend. I am So Sick and Tired of this life. I hate sitting around for 2 or 3 weeks, so bored and sad, not even realising the degree of my sadness until he finally comes home, and I annoy people with my happiness. The weekend goes on and we do all our busy things and hanging out with friends, constsantly sharing Travis and then I finally get used to having him around again and the WHAM!! It's sunday again and he has to go home. Here come the tears and loneliness. Only 2 and a half more months.... only 2 and a half more months.. repeat.. repeat... 3 weeks until he comes home for a weekend... 3 weeks.. 3 weeks... life goes on.

On a not-so-depressing note, Our pre-marital course this weekend was really really good! We had talked about everything before, but its so good to get a professional's opinion and guidance when it comes to being together for the rest of our lives. They said we were very well suited for each other, and did tell our pastor he could marry us. Things are working out!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I miss them already!

I had such a great time with Christy and her kids, and Dustin, for the short while he was here! I wish we lived in Sumerland.. Maybe someday! I had a little too much fun, though, becuase I did absolutely no homework!! And now everything is due and I am behind!!! Yikes!!

P.S. Isn't Christy GORGEOUS??? I'm so jealous. Her hubby, too. No woner their kids are so adorable. I hope Megan never gets camera shy, cause the camera loves her!

Mark and Guen Fast - Jan 28, 2006

As promised so long ago, here are some pictures from Mark and Guen's wedding. Congrats!! It was a beautiful wedding and we had a great time.

Cowboy Kita

My little cowgirl!! Sure looks like she loves that cowboy hat of Ben's!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sheer Panic

So, about half an hour ago, Megan pulled a gallon of brown paint onto the floor!!! And yes, it spilled everywhere!! The poor girl got hit by the paint can on the way the down, though!!! I was in the bathroom, and all I heard was a loud BANG!! And then Megan crying, I thought the dresser fell on her! But I ran out of the bathroom and saw the huge mess, paint all over the laminate, and little footsteps of paint runnng on the welcome mat. So the next half hour was spent FRANTICALLY cleaning up paint from the floor and rug. The good news is, all of it came out!! And Megan doesn't seem to be bothered by the hit. The only evidence left is a red mark on Meg's cheek, and a very dented, partially empty paint can. All is well at the Vriend's.

Again, sorry for the lack of blogging. This time it's not that nothing exciting has happened, but that too much exciting stuff has been happening!! Things should calm down this week. I hope! Then, reading week is almost here!

P.S. Christy's dress looked AMAzing!! Not fully done, but the basic shape was done! I won't post the pictures, #1 because I want to keep it a surprise, and #2 because Christy says she looks fat in the picture! (No worries, she doesn't look fat in it in real life)